Grand Slam IX
Pasadena, California
April 3, 2001
Day Three

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Photos and excerpts from Smilin' Jack Ruby's report on Day Three of Grand Slam. Visit's website for his full report on Grand Slam plus many more photos. Many thanks to Smilin' Jack for letting me use these.
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Star Trek Grand Slam IX:
Day Three

Anyway, it was also another day full of auctions that had really cool things going for more than I bought my used pimpmobile for, but hey, I`ll bet they get  it all back on Ebay or even more when they cart it back to wherever they came  from. There were a lot of cool dealers I talked to and would you believe a set visit to Star Trek series V went for $4,200??? That`s pretty wild, but chances are, Paramount will roll out the red carpet and the two people who go will get to see the magic of multiple takes, set-ups, make-up touch-ups, and scheduling, scheduling, scheduling. If I`d had $4,201, I would`ve bid.

Anyway, Kate Mulgrew was the big auction person as she was raising money  for an Alzheimer`s charity. The first thing she brought out was her copy of the script to the pilot episode of Voyager. It had her script notes, her call sheets, and was  autographed by everybody. Want to take a guess? She started the bidding at $2,000 and it went for $10,000. Damn. She did the same with a script of Resolutions and it went for $5,500. She then did it with a signed by the entire cast candid photo of the crew "doubled over with laughter" and there was only one bid for $3,500 (where she started the bidding as it went for that somewhere else) and she kept trying to amp it saying that wouldn`t-you-like-to-have-a-photo-of-these "chic, glamourous people lost  in space?" $3,500 it went for.

Kate Mulgrew was not who I thought she`d be, but I`m not sure what I expected. She spoke about the craft of acting, what she`s learned while playing Janeway ("you can either be an excellent actress or an excellent mother, not  both") and about the season finale (they only have 6 days of shooting left on Voyager - next Monday is it for the show) she would only say that Rick Berman would have her head if she said anything, but then said, "it`s beautifully written" and that "not one person in this room  will not be satisfied." She also said that  people would be "moved." The other day, she mentioned, she`d already filmed her final scene with Tim Russ. Interesting.