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Episode Title: Triangle
Episode #16 (Second Season of the series)
Telecast: November 26, 1978
Rebroadcast: June 22, 1979
Ray's marriage proposal to would-be country singer Garnet McGee (Kate Mulgrew) is tarnished, when he learns that she has been secretly negotiating with J.R. for a recording deal in which J.R. would receive a percentage and her sexual services.
Dallas - The Complete First and Second Seasons on DVD

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Episode Title: McLaughlin's Flame
Telecast: October 23, 1984
Short-lived series with Lindsay Wagner as Dr. Jessie Hayden, a psychiatrist assigned to a city police department. This episode deals with the rehabilitation of a policeman who has been badly burned after he & his partner were ambushed in a warehouse.  Kate Mulgrew plays Maureen McLaughlin, the wife of the policeman.

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Episode Title: Time Heals (2 Parts)
Episodes #85 & #86 - Season Four Episodes
Telecast: February 19, 1986 & February 20, 1986
Flashbacks to interwoven decades present the men and women of St. Eligius at pivotal points in history, beginning with the optimistic beginnings in 1935 with the oft-mentioned Father McGabe. This episode won an Emmy for "Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series (Single Episode)" in 1986. Story and teleplay by Tom Fontana, John Tinker and John Masius.

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Episode Title: Strange Bedfellows (3 Parts)
Last 3 episodes of Season 4
Telecast: May 1, 1986 (Pt. 1), May 8, 1986 (Pt. 2), & May 15, 1986 (Pt. 3)
Part 1 - When Sam starts seeing the pretty politician Janet Eldridge (Kate Mulgrew), Diane fears that he is headed for a serious relationship.
Part 2 - Diane's worries that Janet will dump Sam after she wins the election turn out to be false, and Sam and Janet's relationship seems to be going great. Janet feels that Diane needs to leave the Cheers nest, and at Janet's encouragement, Sam fires Diane  so she ``can get on with her life.''
Part 3 -  Diane comes in to Cheers to apologize to Sam, but instead decides to ask some rather personal questions at Sam and Janet's  press conference. Sam throws Diane out of the bar, and Janet breaks up with Sam. At the end of this episode Sam is seen making a phone call during which he proposes to someone. Is it Diane or Janet? In the first episode of the Fifth Season we find out that of course it was Diane and Janet is never seen again.
 Cheers - The Complete Fourth Season on DVD


Episode Title: The Corpse Flew First Class
Episode #55 - Season Three Episode
Telecast: Jan. 18, 1987
Sonny Greer (Kate Mulgrew) is traveling with her lover, Leon Bigard, on a transatlantic flight from Boston's Logan Airport to England. During the flight Leon is killed in first class. It is discovered that Leon is actually Sonny's bodyguard who was in charge of protecting her jewerly. Now her Empress diamond necklace is missing. Jessica Fletcher, who was on the flight to research a grizzly turn-of-the-century murder case for her new book, steps in to solve the crime.

Episode Title: Ever After
Episode #168 - Season Eight Episode
Telecast: March 8, 1992
After being away Jessica Fletcher returns home and meets her new neighbor, Joanna Rollins (Kate Mulgrew), star of the long running daytime soap opera, "Happily Ever After". Jessica witnesses a quarrel between Joanna and her lover, Devon "Sonny" Lane, an ex-child star, who has just been fired from "Happily Ever After" and is now being dismissed from Joanna's life. A few days later Joanna marries wealthy older man, Walter Bowman. She  moves into his extravagant home where she isn't welcomed by his daughter, her boyfriend or his ex-wife. After a valuable painting in Joanna's apartment is found slashed, her husband Walter is found shot to death in their home. Jessica steps in to solve the crime.

Episode Title: The Dying Game
Episode # 213 - Season Ten Episode
Telecast: March 13, 1994
Jessica Fletcher is a board member of the Manhattan-based Museum of Cultural History. The institution is having financial difficulties, a reflection of its involvement with Larkin's Department Store, which is being bought out by Amalgamated combine. Henry Wilson, an accountant at Larkin's Department Store, is murdered after he discovers that someone is stealing from the store's pension fund account. Is Maude Gillis (Kate Mulgrew), in charge of the personnel department and blackmailing the store's fashion designer, involved? Jessica steps in to solve the crime.

Souce of informtion for "Murder,  She Wrote" - The Unofficial Murder, She Wrote Casebook by James Robert Parish

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Episode Title: Reservations
Telecast: October 24, 1987
Peter McDermot (James Brolin) notices Leslie Chase (Kate Mulgrew), who he knew years ago, at the front desk of the St. Gregory where she is asking that a newspaper from her hometown be sent up to her.  He is told that she is running her business out of the Windsor Suite until her permanent offices in the financial district are ready.

Peter delivers the newspaper and Leslie is surprised and pleased to see him.  They reminisce and Peter suggests dinner.  She'd love it she says as he leaves.  In the meantime, she continues to run her 'escort service' out of the hotel suite.

Peter and Leslie share several dinners and all goes well between the two.  Sparks appear to fly until one of Leslie's employees is beaten up by her escort.  The cat is out of the bag as to exactly what kind of business Leslie runs and Peter leads the police to her suit.

Summary by Sr. Mary Kathryn

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Episode Title: On The Rocks
Episode #99 - Season Four Episode
Telecast: May 4, 1992
The network tries a temporary replacement, Hillary Wheaton (Kate Mulgrew), for the pregnant Murphy; however Murphy recognizes the same signs in her that show she is on the same path Murphy once traveled, alcoholism.
Mulgrew was awarded the  Tracey Humanitarian Award for this performance.

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Episode Title: Web
Episode:  #07022 (Production Order)
Season Seven Episode - aired as #21
Telecast: May 9, 2006
A FAMILY IS TORN APART BY SEXUAL ABUSE - The police are brought into family abuse allegations when Robin Winnock (guest star Dana Eskelson) believes her young son Jake (guest star Jack Vignone) was molested by her husband, currently serving time for molesting Jake's older brother Teddy. Through DNA, Medical Examiner Warner (Tamara Tunie) clears the father, Gregory Hensal (guest star Tim Hopper) but implicates Teddy as the abuser who has been running a highly profitable porn site catering to male pedophiles. The detective's investigations bring them to the computer crime division of the department now staffed by Det. Olivia Benson ( Mariska Hargitay) and TARU Tech Morales (Joel De la Fuente), who are both enlisted to help. Guest star Kate Mulgrew plays Assistant US Attorney Donna Geysen. Chris Meloni, Ice-T, Richard Belzer, Dann Florek, B.D. Wong and Diane Neal also star. TV-14

Source of information for Law & Order: SVU -