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JANUARY 27, 1999
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Guests: Shelley Long & Kate Mulgrew w/special appearance by Tim Hagan.  During her segment, Shelley Long remarked about working with Kate Mulgrew on Cheers.....

Your audience knows that Kate Mulgrew is also going to be on your show today, and I worked with Kate Mulgrew and she......but the minute I met Kate I felt I had known her for years and I still do... She's a very talented person, very interesting, very full of life and I have, at most, seen her once in the 12 years maybe since we did that show.

[showed clip from "Cheers" episode titled 'Strange Bedfellows', featuring mostly Ted Danson & Shelly Long, but Kate was in the scene.]

[commercial break]

Howie: Obviously you remember her as Sam Malone's love interest in Cheers and you probably best know her as Captain Kathryn Janeway on UPN's hit show, Star Trek Voyager. Please welcome Kate Mulgrew!

[audience cheers & applauds while theme from Star Trek:The Original Series plays]

[Kate enters, waves, greets Howie & hugs Shelly]

Howie: Welcome.

Kate: Thank you.

Howie: That was a long time ago, Cheers..

Kate: How long ago was that, Shelly?

Shelly: Oh, it was a long time ago.

Howie:  She left 11 years ago.

Kate: I am such a fan of this woman.

Shelley: Oh....

Howie: Oh now, so is everybody and so am I.

Kate: No, no, no. But the audience wouldn't understand this. Kelsey Grammer, who was a friend of mine, got me that job. [to Shelley] Did you know that?

Shelley: Oh, I didn't know that.

Kate: No, he said 'ya gotta see Kate Mulgr.....' and I went.... and Ted Danson was terrifically funny the whole thing.

Howie: You've seen him eat a sandwich, obviously [a odd reference to earlier in the show... trust me, you didn't miss anything.]

Kate: Oh, was that what he was eating?

[all laugh]

Kate: They were great. They were great! But this woman really struck me. Her professionalism, her perfectionism...

Shelley: I pay her a lot of money to say this.

Kate: The resentment was because you were absolutely devoted to it. I remember, keeping the writing staff.... absolutely my cup of tea. Never forgotten that.

Howie: Well, that's wonderful.


Howie: You played a politician there and actually  you are a politician, right? Aren't you the m...

Kate: I am the politician. I don't have enough to do in my life.

Howie: You're the Mayor of Brentwood, aren't you?

Kate: I'm the honorary... you should say honorary.

Howie: What is the difference? The honorary mayor.

Kate: Good luck is the difference.

[all talking at once]

Howie: Do you have any function as a Mayor?

Kate: I have blown my two functions...

Howie: What were they?

Kate: ...which was to ride in a parade and I think, sell some hot dogs...

Howie: The mayor... the honorary Mayor has to sell hot dogs?

Kate: ...and I attended neither event so the Chamber of Commerce is writing me hate mail.

[Shelly gasps]

Howie: Are you being impeached. Are you, too, being impeached?

Kate: I, too, am about to be impeached.

Howie: Wow. Everybody's so embroiled with what's going on in Washington that you don't see a lot of that Brentwood....

Kate: It's nothing compared to what's going on in Brentwood. This is the last time they'll pick somebody like me.

Howie: ...and your life is going, besides career-wise, is going phenomenally. You are engaged.

Kate: I am engaged.

Howie: Recently engaged.

[audience applauds]

Howie: To, uh... and it's kind of a neat story, right?

Kate:  It's a wonderful story.

Howie: It's a wonderful story.  He's right here.

Kate:  He is. There he is.

Howie: There he is.

Kate:  Tim Hagan.

[camera shows Tim Hagan off-stage]


Howie: Hi Tim.

Kate:  No, no! He needs a rousing cheer!

[louder applause with cheers]

Kate: Because he has no idea what's in store for him, this poor guy!

Howie:  He has no idea what's in store for him?

Kate: No.

Howie: Why, is he gonna be a...

Kate: It's gonna be an extraordinary life.

Howie: An adventure.

Kate: He's followed me around work for the last couple of weeks. He's slipping into a coma.

Howie:  He's followed you around work?

Kate:  Yeah.

Howie: You're marrying a stalker?

Kate:  [to Tim] I hope you are a stalker. Are you? What bliss.

[Tim nods]

Kate:  Oh, good.

Howie:  Where'd you guys meet?

Kate:  We met in Ireland. Well, let him tell you the story. He tells it much better than I do.

[Kate & Howie talk at the same time, gesturing for Tim to come on stage]

Kate:  Come up here, honey and tell the story.

Howie:  Come on up.

[brandishing a microphone, Tim approaches the stage]

Howie:  Tim! Tim. Welcome to the show.

Tim: Can I kiss the guests?

Howie:  Oh, go ahead.

Shelley:  Oh sure, thank you.

Kate:  ...smooth.

Howie:  You don't have to kiss me 'cause I'm a guy.

[After Shelley has made room, he sits next to Kate]

Tim:  Do I need this? [referring to microphone]

Howie: If you want to tell more than just the three of us, yes. So you're in Ireland, take me there. Take me there. I wanna be part of this.

Kate:  Start at the beginning, 'cause, really, it's a great love story.

Howie: The beginning?

Kate:  Yes!

Howie:  A great love story. We've got one segment here.

Kate: They gave me 3 hours. Go, honey. Take your time.

Tim:  It start...well, I was born... oh no....


Tim:  Well, I went to Ireland... Kate's mother is a dear friend of mine. She was a friend of mine before I even met Kate.

Howie: Really, so this is an arranged wedding.

Tim: This is an arranged wedding.  You'd be familiar with that. Anyhow...

Kate: What does that mean?

Howie:   I don't even know what that means...

Kate: What does that mean?

Howie: I don't know... but he's a lovely man.

Kate:  Ahh... he is Italian. Go on...

Tim: So.. I met her mother, her mother's a friend, 5 years before I met Kate. She told me [Kate's] a big actress, 'course I don't pay attention to any of that...

Howie:  And the Mayor of Brentwood.

Tim: ..and the Mayor of Brentwood, that's later. So I went to Ireland and met her in Dingle.

Howie:  Dingle?

Tim: Dingle.

Howie: Right. I don't know what you're saying.

Tim: Don't you interpret anything more outta that 'Dingle'

Kate: Howie just likes the sound of it...'Dingle'

Howie:  It sound so romantic right away. How romantic can anything be involving a Dingle?

Tim: Uh, that's right.

Kate:  Plenty romantic, let me tell ya...

Howie:  In Ireland, you gotta be worried if "The 'Dingle' got my baby." Oh, that's a dingo.

[mediocre response to 'joke']

Howie:  Ok, go ahead.

Tim:  So, we met at the hotel bar. We were gonna meet at a hotel bar, then, unfortunately, the bar was closed. It was 11 o'clock in the morning. Strange for Ireland. Anyhow, we were sitting there, I was waiting for her and she walked in and walked across the hall and I looked and I said, 'There is a God'..

Howie:  Oh wow.

Tim: ...and fell in love with her immediately...5 years ago... and ... in the interim...

Kate:  ...Fate.

Howie:  So...that night was it? That was it? [claps hands together]

Kate:  Howie?!

Tim:  What does that mean?

Shelley:  What do you mean [imitates Howie's gesture] 'that was it'?

Howie: I mean that's how you got together. I wasn't doing any ...

Kate: Wait...wait.. what does that mean?

Howie:  So you saw her right there and you go, 'That's it', you're in love and you meet and then just escalates from the moment ...

Kate: It escalated ....indeed.

Howie:  Did you see each other that night or after that night?

Tim: Yes, we saw each other.

Shelley:  They had dinner.

Tim:  We had dinner, intellectual discussion. Philosophical discussion.

Shelley:  They talked, got to know each other. [Kate nodding]

Tim:  Right...and then we went on for a while.

Kate: And then the romance started, but it couldn't be.

Howie:  ...and here it is, it's culminated right here...

Kate:  No, but it couldn't be, so it had to stop.

Howie:  Why?

Kate:  For many reasons. He was the commissioner of Cleveland and he was running.....

Howie:  You're the Commissioner of Cleveland.

Tim:  I was. I'm out of public life.

Howie:  Really?

Tim: I want to disassociate myself from that life.

[Kate laughing]

Howie:  You're out of public life. He says this announcement on national television. 'I'm out of public life.' This is no place to tell people you have no interest in public life.

Tim:  No, I'm out now.

Howie:  So, do you still live in Cleveland?

Tim:  I do.

Howie:  So this is a long distance relationship.

Tim:  This is a very long-distance relationship.

Howie:  So what's the plan?

Kate:  So what's the game plan?

Howie:  Yeah.

Kate:  Hope. Faith. and God. Thank God I'm Roman Catholic.


Howie:  I don't know what I'm applauding for. All I got from this story was you're in Ireland, there was a Dingle and you have faith in God.

Kate:  But cut to 5 and a half years later and everything that happened in that interim. And then through a series of events, a phone call was made, thanks to my dear mother, my blessed mother.

Tim: Thank God for her mother.

Kate: ...and we met again this last summer and it was instant and deep and I just said 'Yes.' [points toward audience] That woman knows.

Howie: That's exactly right. That's love. That's love. Well, that's beautiful. And, uh, I wish you the best.   You have something planned for Valentine's day?

Tim:  Yes, we do

Kate:  [imitates Howie's earlier gesture of clapping hands together-- then bursts out laughing.] More of that Dingle!

Howie:  ....anyway, it's a pleasure. I wish you success in your love life, in your career and everything. It sounds like it's going great. A pleasure meeting you sir. Let's hear it for Kate Mulgrew, ...[applause]

Kate: Thank you. Thank you!

Howie:  ...Star Trek Voyager, Wednesdays, 9 p.m. on UPN.

[clip from 'Bride of Chaotica']

Aracnia: It's just that, as a fellow ruler of the cosmos, I often have to do things myself.

Chaotica: Ahh, the curse of the incompetence of your inferiors, no doubt.

Aracnia: Something like that.

Chaotica: Ah, Aracnia, my love, my life. How well you understand out plight. If it weren't beneath my dignity, I would, how I've longed for someone who would understand.

Aracnia: We have a saying on Aracnia. It's lonely at the top.

[end of clip]