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July 28th, 2010

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Many Thanks to Chris!

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I had the pleasure of seeing this play on opening day with Kate starring in it.

This is a small venue which seats only 300. Very intimate atmosphere. If you plan on going to see this play, get there early. Once the doors are shut, no admittance allowed. It's about an hour 45 minutes with no intermission, so do what you have to do before hand because you won't want to miss a minute of this play.

The stage set up is simple. 5 chairs with 5 musical stands placed in front of each chair. A clothing rack off to the side with large sheets of oak tag paper hanging off of it by hangers.

At two o'clock, the doors shut and the lights went down. All of a sudden Kate walks on stage and crosses it. Behind her is Kristine Nielsen, Adriane Lenox, Allison Mack, and then Jayne Houdyshell. They all take a seat and open the play books on the stands.

Now before I get any further for all who want an image this is what was worn. They were all in heels, and in black dresses. All from Bloomingdale’s. Kate was wearing a close fitting small black dress that was just above the knee. It had flat thick bows as shoulders. They did not stick out or up. They nicely laid flat on her shoulders. Her shoes were 3 inch black patent leather heels. Open toed with a tiny little black bow on the top of the opening, A delicate strap went around the ankle. I am a sneaker wearing person myself, but I must admit, I loved her shoes.

Jayne is sort of the narrator. The large sheets are flipped over one at a time and she talks about the outfit and then what was going on during that time she wore that particular outfit.  Then they all would do this act called 'The Clothesline', each one about a different topic. They would all in unison say the specific word. There was one about Bra's, black, dressing rooms, closets. Then they would all start rattling off one liners about the topic. For instance, take dressing room. They all would look out to the audience like they were looking into the dressing room mirror and then start mumbling about the outfit they are trying on. Things like... “Do you have this in a 14-16ish'. 'I don't know why this won't zip up, it's my size'. 'what is going on with my arms' I always gain a little weight during dinner, it will fit later'. Etc etc.  Then one of the actresses will launch into a story about the topic.

Through this medium, they talk about many topics. Such as marriage, divorce, death, cancer, rape, homosexuality, even jail time.  I won't go into just which ones Kate does because I do not want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen this yet. I want you all to be as pleasingly surprised and thrilled as I was.  

More about the skits, there is one that's about Madonna and involves all of the actresses. At the end of this particular one, they play Vogue. Everyone on stage started to vogue while sitting in their chairs. Let me say... they all looked really great doing it also.

Other skits: Who goes to buy a bra and gets felt up in the dressing room by an overzealous sales person. Who has a melt down over what kind of handbag you should use. Or who finally realizes Birkenstock shoes are really cool. Who meets their boyfriend in jail and cuts holes in the crotch of their jeans so they can be pleasured by their boyfriend, and then meets them on parole day wearing nothing but a raincoat and heels. Another wears gang colors to look cool and sexy to attract the boy they are in love with. A cancer patient is asked what kind of reconstructive breasts does she want and she emphatically states.... BAYWATCH.  We all roared with laughter over that line. Another is raped while in college and gives up her  wardrobe because of it, but not her much loved boots. Who's having a commitment ceremony with their girlfriend and can't find the right outfit.

Every story left you either laughing your fool head off, nodding it because you can completely relate, or tearing up and wanting to protect the girl.

I will say this about Kate, she did have some great one liners. She had many that had us all cracking up. One of them was along the lines of, “if you find yourself shopping at Eileen Fishers.... you've given up!”  I was laughing just from her facial expression and everyone hooting and hollering with agreement. When I got home I googled it and after browsing around the site, I agree!

Kate has incredible comedic timing. I know she has done some comedy, but she really excels in this genre. During the play, she was extremely attentive to whomever was speaking. She would turn towards that actress and give her undivided attention to her. Even after rehearsing these stories I'm sure probably hundreds of times, you can clearly see the emotions as they affect her written on her face as she listens once again to them. She also cracks up along with us at the antics the other women are doing.

During the encore, they were playing a Madonna song and they all broke out dancing on stage. Kate got her groove on! She's got some nice moves I tell you. She may have just turned 55 but she looks, acts, and moves like she's 35.

Seeing her on stage like this you can really see the joy in her eyes and across her face as she performs. She still loves what she is doing and it shows. I walked out of there thinking, now there is a woman who is enjoying life to the fullest.

Good for her.

I strongly advise anyone who still isn't sure they want to see this play, whether it will take you an hour or two to get there... go! You will not be disappointed. Even if you have to go alone. Which is what I did. Was worth every penny, every minute. I want to go again.

For anyone who is not going for whatever reason feel free to drop me a line and I will tell you exactly which skits Kate did and go into more detail about them.

For anyone who is going, I look forward to talking about it with you. Maybe after it's finished running or before. Or if everyone wants to hear about it even before they go, post online.


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