Alexandra's Report from Collectormania 16
May 28-30, 2010

Kate autographing a photo for Alexandra
A Dream Come True

Report & Photos by Alexandra Schiefer
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When Kate was announced as a guest for Collectormania in February this year, I thought that this would be the best and perhaps only chance to meet her one day in person. 

I am a single mother, both of my parents are dead and my dear grandmother suffers from Alzheimer's disease, but my best friend knew that meeting Kate in person was a really deep wish of mine and so she took care of my little daughter so that I could fly to England - my dream came true! 

I was always impressed by Kate's extraordinary appearance and her opinions. Just because my own grandmother suffers from Alzheimer's, I was so impressed by her speech  that it was a big dream of mine to meet her. However, I live in Germany and the possibility to meet her was really small - but now it had become possible!

I arrived in Milton Keynes on Friday. The weather was changeable and it was really cold and stormy inside the MK Dons stadium. Surprisingly enough it was really quiet and not many people attended this event on Friday, so I had the chance to see Kate having a lot of time. We went into her tent and I was so excited that I thought I could not breathe anymore. And there she was - a great lady with a really strong charisma. First of all, I apologized for my bad English but Kate was extremely cute, kind and friendly, telling me to not worry about it. I put four self made wallpapers on the table, asking Kate to choose the one she would like to sign. She calmly looked at the wallpapers, smiled, saw the one on which she lifts her hands to the sky and asked in her very distinctive voice “What the hell I am doing there?“. We all had to laugh and fortunately Kate chose my favorite wallpaper and signed it. We talked to her for a while and I thanked her for giving me the chance to meet her in person. Kate was very sweet and asked me if I wanted to take a picture with her. I was extremely excited but Kate was very warm-hearted and told me to come around the table. This was fantastic and I was about to die from excitement!

Kate is a marvelous woman and she really made my day on Friday!

Saturday morning the first photo shoot took place and just as the day before I was very nervous about standing beside her. But again Kate was extremely friendly and during the photo shoot she stroked my back and I was getting more and more nervous.

In the afternoon we went to see Kate again. She smiled when she recognized us and signed my self-made crew picture. We gave her a bottle of wine from our home country Germany on which we had  written some words. She was all smiles when she saw the bottle and took it, saying: ”Let me see what you wrote on it, Love!” She thanked us and said that she would drink the wine with great pleasure. She made our day again!

On Sunday morning, during the second photo shoot, I noticed that Kate seemed to be a bit hoarse which was not surprising considering being in this stormy and cold stadium, which was a torture for all the guests sitting there in the cold wind!

But Kate was as wonderful and kind as the day before. I got a really great photo in which she laughs very lovely. I think she had to laugh because I answered her question ”How are you?” with still being excited to be standing next to her, but also being incredibly happy. She patted my shoulder and after the photo shoot she thanked me and told me to take care of myself!

Kate's appearance is always stunning and impressing and this weekend she again was so marvelous that I will never forget this weekend in my entire life.

Later on I went to see her, wanting her to sign my photo with her and she looked up, smiled her lovely smile and said “Here you come again, darling!”.  And before her assistant could give her the paper on which I had written my name, she had finished signing the photo - she already knew my name. But later that day we could see and feel that she was really tired and seemed to be getting ill. I really hope that she is feeling better now.

All things considered, I can say that Kate is a great lady with an extraordinary charisma. She has a voice which is so distinctive and marvelous that I could listen to her all day long. She is absolutely professional and always is kind and gentle. It was a great pleasure and honor to meet her in person and I wish her all the best for herself, her family and her work!

And maybe one day I have the opportunity to meet her again and to see her on stage! Until then, I will never forget this amazing weekend on which my dream came true!

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