Hayley's Report from Collectormania 16
May 29, 2010
Many Thanks to Hayley!
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Hayley with Kate at Collectormania 16 in Milton Keynes - May 29, 2010.
I attended Collectormania with a couple of my friends on Saturday and had an absolutely amazing time, my first "convention" of sorts. After getting lost in Milton Keynes, which can only be described as "roundabout hell", we eventually made it to the stadium just after it opened. Kate was obviously first on the agenda and luckily for us the queue was only small as we were early. Being a tad overly excited I couldn't come up with anything to say that didn't make me sound like a "hyper fan!" I can't entirely recall what happened as it all happened so fast but I think I said something like "thanks for coming to England!" ....oh dear. Robbie McNeill was right next to her, sharing that signing tent and was definitely laughing at me! I did however manage to stirke up the courage to ask her to shake my hand for a photo, which of course she was happy to do!

The rest of the day obviously didn't quite compare to meeting her but was nonetheless amazing all round! Patrick Stewart walked straight past me on his way to lunch and I had to do a double take, Kenny Baker also causally went past us too. The wait for Patrick Stewart was all day...our ticket numbers were called about 3pm, 6hrs after getting them! I did manage to get a hand shake off him too :) He was in a tent with Tim Russ and by the time we were in there Tim's queue was waiting outside as he must have just returned from a break, so on the way out he looked at me and without thinking I shouted "hi Tim" at him. luckily he did laugh....along with some other bystanders. I seemed to have developed a habit of embarrassing myself that day! Oh well, they all have a sense of humour! Later we decided to go back to get Robbie McNeill's autograph in the tent with Kate as earlier in the day he had walked past us and instead of managing to take a picture I accidentally turned off my camera and he heard me express my frustration (he turned around and laughed) ...I was not amused. So when we actually paid to talk to him I reminded him I was the idiot who can't take a picture, he replied with "yes well having the camera on is usually a good place to start when filming, I should know, but it is tricky." I have no idea if Kate witnessed this conversation or not. Robbie was great with fans too, taking pictures with all of us!

All in all it was a brilliant day, despite my lack of articulation with Kate! She seemed to be enjoying herself even though it was cold and rainy! Hope this report makes those who couldn't make it feel a little more included :) Please pass on our gratitude to Kate from us Brits! Absolutely made my year, finally being able to meet and talk to my idol who is just as brilliant and gracious in person as one would expect!

Yours, Hayley Thair

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