Mark's Report from
Collectormania 16
May 29, 2010
Many Thanks to Mark!
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Mark with Kate at Collectormania 16 in Milton Keynes - May 29, 2010.
We arrived in a very rainy and cold Milton Keynes on Saturday morning having spent several hours on various different trains.  The event was held in a large concrete-clad football stadium and I did kind of wonder what the stars must have thought of it.

Although I was spoilt for choice in terms of guests, the only person I really wanted to meet was Kate.  Having paid and carefully selected a picture from the table at the start of the line, I grew increasingly excited and nervous as I caught the odd glimpse of Kate and Robert Duncan McNeill, sitting at the end of the make-shift marquee the organisers had constructed.  It may sound strange, but I actually couldn’t believe what was happening – having spent the last fifteen years watching Star Trek Voyager I was about to meet the person who had embodied the Janeway character creating the most successful Captain (in my opinion anyway!) of the franchises’ history.

I had read that Kate Mulgrew had a strong presence.  That was quite an understatement.  She was expertly able to be enthralling, warm and dynamic all at the same time – carefully commanding the situation – almost I would imagine as Janeway would.  Even though I stood in front of her for a few moments (and suitably star-struck!), I felt absolutely welcome and at ease. 

Having uttered something about thanking her for coming to the UK – I couldn’t believe how difficult it was to speak coherently – I simply elatedly and gingerly walked down the aisle – clutching my signed photo.  It was a fantastic experience meeting Kate and I am incredibly grateful she attended – I think by the wide-grinned faces of the people who also met her, she is always welcome.

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