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CRIME-SOLVING KATE--Kate Mulgrew stars in the title role as a working mother and newspaper reporter with a well-developed penchant for solving crimes in "Kate Columbo," which will be presented Thursdays (10-11 p.m. NYT) on the NBC Television Network.
Fall 1979

Donald Pleasence & Kate Mulgrew
Episode - Murder Is A Parlor Game

"Word Games" on "Mrs. Columbo"
Thursday, Aug. 9 (repeat of 2/26/79)

Kate Mulgrew stars as Kate Columbo in the mystery series "Mrs. Columbo," a two-hour episode titled "Word Games," from MCA Television. 

Kate Mulgrew & Dolph Sweet
Episode - Murder Is A Parlor Game

Kate Mulgrew (right) stars as inquisitive reporter and amateur detective Kate Columbo and Lili Haydn plays her daughter Jenny, in the NBC-TV drama series "Kate Columbo," Thursdays (10-11p.m.). (9/21/79)

SENSATION IN SUBURBIA--Kate Mulgrew (r) as reporter and amateur detective Kate Columbo, is seen with guest star Dee Wallace who portrays one of a group of suburban housewives who have gotten into prostitution in "Ladies of the Afternoon," the season premiere episode of NBC-TV's "Kate Columbo," Thursday, Oct. 18 (10-11pm NYT).  (9/21/79)

KATE'S OTHER JOB--Kate Mulgrew stars as an inquisitive reporter on a small newspaper who gets involved in lots of amateur sleuthing in "Kate the Detective" colorcasts Thursdays (10-11p.m.) on NBC-TV. Henry Jones plays Josh Alden, the newspaper's editor. (10/5/79)


KATE DIGS COPS--Kate Mulgrew, who as Kate, the investigative newspaper reporter in "Kate Loves a Mystery," finds it better to be an ally rather than an adversary of police authorities, has a particularly good working relationship with Don Stroud, in his regular role as Sgt. Varrick. The NBC-TV drama series is telecast Thursdays (10-11pm). (10/26/79)

Kate Mulgrew as Kate Columbo and Lili Haydn as her daughter, Jenny.