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First, I want to thank everyone involved in furthering the Alzheimer's effort, both at home and abroad.  A lovely and passionate group of girls in the UK raised quite a bit of money, as well as my spirits.  I've been very happy this year - life is somehow sweeter than it's ever been before and I find myself saying YES to almost everything.  I said Yes to Nora Ephron's  LOVE LOSS AND WHAT I WORE, which I'll perform off-Broadway during all of August.  Then I switch gears and plunge into absolute uncharted territory, madness and middle-aged lust (don't ask WHY I'M DOING THIS, JUST THAT I MUST ) in ANTONY & CLEOPATRA at The Hartford Stage Company through October- November.  I hope some of you east-bound people will come to cheer me on - I'll be the lady in a long plaited wig with an asp at her breast.  My children are moving forward and behaving unpredictably, which is par for the course.  They are not typical and I'm glad - I've never assumed life was anything less than a complete mystery.  I have traveled extensively and am currently puddle-jumping as requested or required, giving speeches for Alzheimer's, attending Congressional screening of my short film THE RESPONSE, studying Gaudi in Barcelona.  Thanks to all of you, I continue to enjoy conventions - ran into Sir Patrick Stewart in England and when I finished curtsying said, "Now's the time to say At Ease." 


Single tickets for ANTONY & CLEOPATRA go on-sale July 1st. Check the Totally Kate website the last week of June for Kate fans to purchase pre-sale tickets. 

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Kate Mulgrew's mother, Joan Mulgrew suffered from Alzheimer's. Ms. Mulgrew is deeply committed to finding a cure for this devastating disease.

Donations to Alzheimer's Research at the MMF in honor of Kate can be made at

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