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I see this year differently than previous years - regarding my career and the undercurrents of my life. I actually sense that my efforts this year will be mostly philanthropic as my passion for Alzheimer's has captured my imagination and will demand more time from me then it has in the past.

I am also working with my scientists at the University of Minnesota Hospital to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease, but let me tell you right now that PREVENTION IS THE CURE! And, to that end, my very advanced group of neuroscientists are working with mice and hoping to realize a complete clinical trial by 2010.  I will also be presenting a keynote address at the University of Minnesota Hospital to key donors and scientists later this year, which I am excited about. There has been some discussion of my hosting a radio program on Air America, the theme of which would be Alzheimer's disease, but as we are presently in conversations still - nothing has been determined for sure. I will keep you posted on this development.

I am also working with a new found resolve for the Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting. Which is, of course, where I underwent my theatrical training and where I am now fighting to raise funds particularly for its outreach program which is designed to provide training to inner-city youth who could not otherwise afford it. There is a gala on October 19th which I am co-chairing for the Conservatory and I want many people to attend.

On the professional front I am hoping that my series, Mercy on NBC, will have a fairly good shake. The part is that of the mother. She is a working class, hard drinking, fun loving, terribly pretty woman of a certain age who is more concerned about her leopard print mules than she is of her daughter's post-traumatic stress disorder.

My younger son, Alec, continues to pursue his art with fervor and great enthusiasm and has a new show starting in Los Angeles at the end of September. 

Everyone else in my life is doing well, truly flourishing, and this may well be one of the happiest times I have ever consciously recognized in my life. Old enough to let some of the baggage fall away but brave enough to fly.

Thank you so much to all my fans who have been in my corner. I am a lucky lucky person. 


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Kate Mulgrew's mother, Joan Mulgrew suffered from Alzheimer's. Ms. Mulgrew, who is a member of the National Advisory Committee of the Alzheimer's Association and a spokesperson for the organization is deeply committed to finding a cure for this devastating disease.

Donations can be made by contacting your local chapter or the National
Alzheimer's Association

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