Ryan's Hope
Mary's Story
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Episode 20
Original Air Date: August 1, 1975


Mary and Dee talk outside Frank's hospital door.  Dee pumps Mary to see if Frank said more than her name.  Dee recounts ways Mary and Frank are alike.  She was worried, when she first married Frank, that she'd have to compete with Mary.  Mary assures Dee that she doesn't have to compete and that Frank only asked for Dee.  Dee decides to go home and asks Mary to call if she finds out more.

Pat comes in as Dee leaves.  Mary tells Pat she will never understand Dee.  She continues that they are all scared for Frank and Dee has no right to have priority on being scared.  Pat explains to Mary that Dee has it in her mind that Bob thought Frank's fall wasn't an accident.  Mary confesses to Pat that Frank also said pushed and begs Pat not to her Dee.  Dee has a big mouth and within two days everyone in Riverside would know the whole story if Dee found out.  Mary leaves for the bar reassuring Pat that as soon as he wakes up, Frank will tell them what happened.

In the kitchen Mary, Maeve and Johnny chat.  Mary tells them there is no word on the x-rays, but Maeve is optimistic.  Maeve sings as Mary dances around the kitchen.  Pat interrupts their merriment with the news that Frank has pneumonia.

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