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Episode 21
Original Air Date: August 4, 1975


At the hospital Mary, Dee and Pat discuss Frank's condition.  Dee suggests that Frank wouldn't be happy being an invalid and maybe it would be better if he didn't make it through the pneumonia.  Mary slaps Dee.  Mary insists Frank will get better.  Pat tells them to cool it.  Delia says that Mary had no right to slap her.  Mary tells Dee that she is negative.  Dee accuses Mary of thinking just because she wants something, it will happen, but life isn't always the way you want it to be.  Dee forgives Mary for slapping her because that is what Frank would want her to do.

Mary has a flashback to a time when she was in high school and Frank told her that he was going to marry Dee.  Mary is clearly upset by this news, but wishes Frank well.  When Mary finishes the memory and comes back to the present, she tells Dee that she is sorry she slapped her.  They agree to not quarrel.

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