Ryan's Hope
Mary's Story
Episode 13
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Original Air Date: July 23, 1975

Roger tells Mary that Frank's signs are stable.  Mary thanks Roger and tells him the family is grateful Roger found Frank.  Dee comes to visit.  She asks a few questions about Frank's condition which annoys Mary.  Dee leaves.

Roger comforts Mary about her reaction to Dee's questions.  She confesses she alternates between feeling sorry for Dee and wanting to kill her.  Roger says he has been impressed with the way Mary has handled herself through the situation with Frank.  He hopes he can see more of Mary after Frank gets better.

Jack comes in and Mary is happy to see him.  Jack encourages Mary to rest a minute.  Mary wonders if Frank knows they are there and if her trying to bring him back can help. A reporter shows up.  Mary asks him to go away.  He asks about the missing money.  Jack tells him to forget the story and urges him to leave.  In the hall, Jack tells the reporter he is going to get the story himself.

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