Ryan's Hope
Mary's Story
Episode 14
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Original Air Date: July 24, 1975


In the Ryan living room Delia arranges flowers as she tells Maeve that Mary is mad at her.  Maeve explains that Mary is afraid for Frank.  Mary comes in and says she is going to get something to eat and then she intends on going back to the hospital.  Dee excuses herself saying she is going to get tea for them, then listens from the hall as Mary complains to Maeve about her behavior.  Maeve asks Mary to make an effort to get along with Dee for Frank's sake.  Dee comes back in and, after Mary apologizes, tells Mary that she wants to be her friend, but she doesn't think Mary likes her very much.  Mary denies that she doesn't like Dee.  Dee is her sister-in-law and a Ryan.  Dee says Mary never thought Dee was good enough for Frank.

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