Ryan's Hope
Mary's Story
Episode 15
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Original Air Date: July 25, 1975

Mary finds Jill with Frank at the hospital.  Together they beg Frank to wake up.  Dr. Coloridge tries in vain to get a response from Frank.  There is some response to sound, and Frank has a fever, but nothing else.  The doctor asks Mary and Jill to step outside.  They talk in the hall about their past.  Mary tells Jill that Frank had said Jill was his favorite teacher  in law school and Jill confesses that Frank was her favorite student.  Dr. Coloridge interrupts them to tell Mary that he's ordered X-rays to see if Frank has pneumonia.  After he leaves, Jill offers to help with Frank's campaign.  Mary goes back into Frank's room and his eyes flicker open and shut.  Mary encourages Frank and asks him to let her know he can hear her.  He says 'pushed.'

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