Ryan's Hope
Mary's Story
Episode 19
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Original Air Date: July 31, 1975

Mary is typing in the campaign office.  Jack comes in with breakfast.  She updates Jack on the campaign and Frank's condition.  Jack tells Mary he's been asking around about what Frank was doing at the hospital and the $6,500.  The more he thinks about it, the more it doesn't make any sense that the fall was an accident.

Mary says she likes Jack, but asks if she can trust him.  Jacks assures her that he can be trusted to finish what he begins and to tell the truth.  If she knows something that makes her think Frank wasn't hurt accidentally, she can trust him to find out what happened.  She tells Jack that Frank said pushed in the hospital the day before.

Jack asks who else knew about it and Mary tells him she's told Bob, but no one else, and she is trusting Jack to keep quiet.  He asks if there could be a connection between Frank and Nick Szabo.  Mary balks at the idea and tells him to forget it, Frank didn't need Szabo.  She pulls out financial records to show Jack that Frank had money to run the campaign.  Jack suggests that Szabo could get Frank people to help, not money.  Mary says Frank would die before he took that kind of help.  Jack tells Mary to sit down and cool off.  He asks Mary to join him at a baseball game.  Mary loves baseball, but doesn't want to be that far away from the hospital.  Bob comes into the office and interrupts their conversation.

Bob asks if he and Mary can go over Frank's notes now as he has to get to the police station.  Jack leaves and Bob confesses that he doesn't really want to go over the stuff now, he just wanted Jack to leave.  He doesn't like Jack hanging around.  Mary tells Bob she likes Jack and that she told him what Frank said.  Bob tells her that was a dumb thing to do, and asks her not to volunteer information.  She tells him not to worry about Fenelli, it would be okay.  All she wants is for Frank  to get well and to find out who pushed him down the stairs.

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