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Episode 405
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As Jack is coming down the stairs, he overhears Mary telling Alex their problems, and Alex trying to comfort her.  Mary tells Alex about the annulment, but Alex thinks Jack feels powerless and doubts that he wants an annulment.  Mary feels it is different this time because Jack isn't just threatening annulment, he's doing something about it.  She tells Alex she'll do anything to stay with him as long as he wants her, but if he doesn't want her, she'll let him go.

Alex reassures Mary by telling her that not many men are loved the way she loves Jack and reassures her that she is a wonderful gift to Jack. Mary isn't comforted, and worries that she'll never love him enough. Jack surprises Mary and Alex with his entrance into the kitchen and discovers them in an embrace.  He also discovers that the stairs were a bit too much for him and he collapses to the floor, shouting for them to stay away from him, insisting that he's not hurt.

As they help Jack up, Alex tells him he's lucky.  Jack informs them he knows how lucky he is.  It took him some time to get down the stairs and he has some idea of what was going on down here.  Mary begs Jack not to do this again and Jack wants to know if he should pretend he didn't see Alex's arms around her.  She wants to know if he also saw that she was crying.  Jack informs her that he knows that Alex is always ready with 'tender loving care.'

Alex insists that they get him back up to the bedroom.  The two of them get Jack back into bed and Jack tells them both to get out, but Alex thinks that he should examine Jack to see if he hurt himself.  Jack refuses.  Mary asks if he is in pain and Alex wants to know if he realizes what he could have done to himself on the stairs all alone. Mary wants to know why he came down.

"I was looking for you.  Believe it or not, your mother had me so brainwashed I was going to tell you..."

"Tell me what?"

"I'm leaving."

Jack decides it is time for him to go back to Weehawkin Street.  When Alex tells Jack that's impossible, Jack tells Alex to get out of his life.  He figures Jumbo will help him and stay with him for a day or two, and reaches for the phone.  Mary struggles with Jack and the phone and tells him that if he is that determined to leave, she'll go with him, but Jack doesn't want her to go.  He calls Jumbo and asks him to get a car and come over to Ryan's.

After his call to Jumbo, Jack wants to know what it takes to make Alex go away.  Alex isn't going anywhere, he says, and neither is Jack, he adds.  As his doctor, Alex can't let him be so senseless and do something so dangerous.

Mary pleads with Jack that he's worked too hard to get better and begs him not to risk a setback.  Alex reinforces what Mary says by reminding Jack how hard this all is on his heart, but Jack doesn't want Alex worrying about his heart.  Maybe, he thinks, if Alex isn't worried about his heart, he'll have more time to worry about his grief stricken wife after Jack's gone back to Weehawkin Street.

Alex wants to know why he brings such pain on himself and Jack replies because 'that's the way I am, right Mary?'  He lets them both know he can't wait to get out of the Ryan's home.

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