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Episode 407
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It is morning.  Jack wakes up and sees Mary's empty cot as Maeve brings in his breakfast.  He asks her where Mary is and is told she's at the senior citizen's center.  The city is threatening cutbacks which would mean closing the center down.  Jack figures Mary must have told him about it, as Maeve wonders if Jack thought Mary had run off.  She sits down and asks if things are looking any rosier this morning.

They aren't.  Jack wants to know when Mary is coming home.  Maeve tells him not until after work, and anyway, the two can use some time apart. She reinforces to Jack that Mary loves him and he loves her.  The sooner he can say it, the sooner the worst of this will be over.

Jack insists that love isn't the issue.  Maeve doesn't think he would say that if he'd seen Mary leaving this morning.  He tries to explain to Maeve that he isn't what Mary needs.  She tells him he's bringing a tragedy on himself and Mary that doesn't have to be.  Maeve reminds Jack that the baby is also the offspring of the parents he lost, but Jack insists that if he doesn't get out of the marriage now, he's going to ruin his life, along with those of Mary and the baby.  If Maeve thinks Mary is unhappy now, she should try to imagine her ten years from now if he doesn't leave.

Their conversation is interrupted when the phone rings.  It is Kathleen, who has broken her leg and hopes Maeve will come to help her for a few days.

Sister Mary Joel visits Jack to let him know what a mistake he is making.  She tells him he was not dead set against having children when he married Mary, and they both know it.  She further informs him that she wants to go on the record as letting him know he is acting like a spoiled adolescent.

After Sister Mary Joel leaves, Jack gets his coat, takes one last look at Mary's nightgown, which is hanging over a chair, then slips out the front door.

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