Ryan's Hope
Mary's Story
Episode 408

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Jack goes to his apartment on Weehawkin Street.  All around him, he finds memories of Mary.  He stuffs some of her things, along with their wedding picture into a drawer, then lies down.  There is a knock at the door.  It is Alex.

Alex tries to tell Jack what a mistake he's made.  Jack tells him as far as he's concerned, Alex is no longer his doctor, and Alex reminds Jack that he isn't well enough to make it on his own.  Running away from Mary, Alex tells him, won't change that they love each other.  Jack says he understands how much leaving will hurt Mary, but it's nothing compared to how hurt she'll be if he stays.

Alex tries to convince Jack to go back to Ryan's before Mary discovers he's left, but Jack won't listen to him.  Jack can't convince Alex, however, that deserting his wife or unborn child takes any great strength of character.

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