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Episode 410
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Mary returns to Faith and Pat's engagement party.  She tells Da and Alex that Jack won't come back and won't let her stay with him.  She's exhausted and heads upstairs, but not before Dee imposes on Mary to check in on Little John, since Dee is too busy with the party.

Da comes upstairs and finds Mary sitting in the dark living room.  Da apologizes again and tells her that Sister Mary Joel came to see Jack before he left.  Mary decides she will call Sister Mary Joel in the morning.  She worries that she did the wrong thing with Jack by going to him.  When she first met Jack, she tells Da, Jack tried to explain to Mary that he needed his space.  She came to realize that 'living room' protected him from having people hurt him.  With Mary, he began to give his space up, little by little, but the accident and baby forced him to open up his space too much.  It was more than he could handle, she reasons.  He went downtown trying to get back some of his 'living room' and she'd gone right after him, Mary worries.

Da tells Mary that Jack is lucky anyone cares.  Mary starts to protest, but Da insists he means it and that in his more generous moments, he even feels sorry for Jack, because Jack doesn't have anyone.  The luckiest thing that ever happened to Jack, Da states, was Mary.  If Mary were to decide to give up on Jack, he could stay down in the apartment on Weehawkin Street and croak, for all anyone else would care.

Mary doesn't want to give up on Jack.  Da puts his arms around Mary and tells her to get some rest, then see how things look in the morning. Leaning into Da's shoulder, Mary tells him she'd much rather like him than be mad at him.

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