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Episode 413
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Mary comes into the Ryan living room and closes an open window.  She looks through her purse as Da comes in.  Da calls for Frank, but Mary explains it's just her and apologizes for waking him.  She tells him to go back to sleep, because he doesn't have to be up for hours.

Da asks if Frank has come in, then wants to know what Mary is doing up at this hour.  Mary tells him she has to go see Jack.  She's worried about him in the apartment alone, and wants to make sure he is okay. Mary has a feeling he's waiting for her.  Anyway, at this point, she thinks, what can she lose?  Da tells her to take care of herself and take a cab, not the subway.  Mary assures Da she will be all right.

Da looks out the window and Mary asks if something is wrong.  Da tells Mary that it is just a little trouble between Frank and Jill.  He supposes Frank would want her to know that when Frank went to the hospital the night before to tell Jill about the divorce, Jill had told Frank that he wasn't the father of her baby.  The father was Seneca.

Mary is shocked.  She wants to know where Frank is, and Da tells her that Frank wanted to walk it out.  There's no where Mary can find Frank right now.  Da tells Mary that Jill gave Frank the promise ring back, and when Frank left, he had it clutched in his fingers.

Jack is asleep in their apartment when Mary lets herself in.  She rubs his shoulder to wake him.  Jack says her name, and she whispers hello. Jack bolts away and tells Mary he thought he was dreaming.  Mary hugs Jack, and asks him to not leave her, telling him she could barely get through the night.  Same here, he comforts her.

Mary is happy to know that he has missed her, and Jack tells her that he's glad she's here.  Mary tells Jack she wants to stay and then asks if she can.  She begs for a trial period, just a few  months.  He thinks maybe it seems better because he is in his own space and concedes that maybe she can stay.  Mary tells Jack she loves him.

He wishes he could believe that's all they need, but Mary tells Jack all he needs is love and they begin to kiss.  As things heat up, Jack suddenly realizes what is happening.  He pushes Mary away, ordering her to go home and stay away.

Immediately realizing she has done the wrong thing, Mary tells Jack that kissing him was incredibly stupid of her.  He tells her it wasn't stupid.  It was normal.  Mary is normal.  Mary tries to convince Jack that he is only temporarily impotent.  He'll have the corrective surgery and be fine again.  She promises that in the meantime she'll never do that again.  Do what?  Want sex, he asks, and tells her to put on her coat and go back to her family.

Mary argues that only two minutes ago he was talking about another hope for the marriage, but Jack says no, that was her talking.  He has given up and tells her goodbye.  After the baby is born, Mary says, after the surgery, if he still feels the same way, she'll give up.

Jack reiterates that the longer they wait, the more it will hurt.  If he could, he'd start the annulment proceedings today.  Mary begs Jack to start over; she'll go out and come in again.  Jack tells Mary that he's already told her what he's going to do, and she had better start believing it.

She won't let Jack do it, Mary tells him, but Jack says Mary can't stop him.  All she can do is turn a peaceful annulment into a bloody battle and drag them both through hell.  Mary doesn't care.  Nothing could be worse than losing Jack.  Jack tells Mary that he'd kill her spirit and the baby's.

Children need fathers, Mary argues.  When he holds his own child in his arms, he'll know exactly what to do.  Jack is turning back into a loner and trying to drive people away, but Mary tells him he can't drive her away.  She's leaving, but the only reason she is going is to give him a
chance to think.  She'll be back, for all their sakes.  She won't let him go through with the  annulment.

After Mary leaves, Jack calls Father McShane, making an appointment to start the annulment.

At the Ryan's, a distraught Frank comes home and Mary enters the living room.  She hugs Frank and tells him how sorry she is about he and Jill. She can't believe Jill cares about Seneca.  Mary is sure Jill loves Frank.  Frank tells Mary the thing with Seneca was quick, only one weekend.  Mary wishes Jill had told Frank and Frank agrees with her. Their relationship, he says, was based on honesty, and he doesn't feel like he knows Jill anymore.  Mary tells Frank that when she thinks of Jill doing this to Frank, herself and the baby, it makes Mary furious with Jill.  She wants to go over to the hospital and scream at Jill, at the very least.  She can only imagine what Frank feels like doing.

Right at this moment, Frank says, what matters the most to him is his family and little boy.  Mary tells Frank he is on solid ground there, and if anyone is mean to him, she'll get them.  You shouldn't lose the person you love, she tells him.  She doesn't want that to happen to either of them.

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