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Episode 414
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Mary is in the kitchen when Maeve gets home from Kathleen's house.  They discuss Kathleen and then Maeve asks what is happening with Jack.  Mary tells her 'more of the same.'  She confesses to Maeve that she'd gone to the apartment on Weehawkin Street earlier that morning and made things about a hundred times worse.  There is no convincing Jack to come back. Being together in the apartment where their love making was such an integral part of their lives made the physical fact of his impotence that much more real.  Jack is a loner, Mary tells Maeve.  He's determined to get the annulment, and she's determined not to let him get away with it.

Maeve tells Mary that she'll get through it.  She's not alone.  Mary says that is it is so much better now that Maeve is back.  Thinking of Jack alone in the apartment makes her go crazy with worry.

Mary tells Maeve about Frank and Jill, and that the baby is Seneca's. She doesn't understand why, when Frank and Jill got back together, Jill lied and let Frank believe the baby was his.  Maeve doesn't understand, either, how Jill could deceive them all.  She asks where Da is, and Mary says he is out running errands and that he is pretty upset.

Maeve decides that all they can do for Frank is give him love and support, and that Mary should save her energy for her own problems. Mary has to find some way to change Jack's mind.  Maeve knows Jack will have a fight on his hands with Mary.  She asks how things are going with Pat and Faith.  Mary decides that's one couple they can count on.

In the meantime, Jack is having his meeting about getting the annulment.

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