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Episode 419
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Mary goes to see Jill.  She tells Jill that when Frank first told her Jill's baby wasn't his, but Seneca's, Mary was furious with Jill.  The more she'd thought about it, the more she'd realized how difficult it must have been for Jill.  Mary tells her she knows she loves Frank and apologizes.  Mary thinks that no matter what's happened, Jill and Frank are right and belong together.

Jill agrees with Mary, but doesn't think there is much she can do about it right now.  Mary tells Jill that Frank is still angry.  Jill is angry with Frank too.  For years she had made accommodations for Frank; she doesn't feel as if Frank has made much of an effort, but she does hope she and Mary can remain friends.

Jill asks Mary if things are better between she and Jack, and Mary tells her about Jack trying to serve her with the divorce papers.  Jill is surprised that Jack won't wait until the baby is born.  The idea of the baby has him speeding on his way, Mary says.  Jill reinforces that if Jack would give it a chance, he'd change his mind, but Mary doesn't think Jack will ever even admit she had the baby.

It is all wrong Jill tells Mary.  The two of them should be together and going through everything, including the birth of the baby, together. Jill asks Mary if she has some time and tells her Seneca had been there earlier suggesting something for them that she thinks might be helpful to Mary and Jack too.

Faith comes in and Jill tells her that she wants a professional opinion about LeBoyer birthing.   LeBoyer birthing is supposed to be quiet and nontraumatic for the baby.   It helps the baby and parents bond from the very beginning Jill explains to Mary.  The baby is born, she says, in a quiet, darkened room and then he's give a bath by the father who has been there through the entire delivery.  The whole idea, she says, is to make being born positive and welcoming for the baby.

Mary thinks it sounds lovely and Faith sets it up at the hospital for the three of them to view some tapes on LeBoyer birthing.  Mary says that Jack is afraid he won't be able to relate to a baby and this could be just the thing to change his mind.

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