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Episode 420
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Faith, Jill and Mary talk to a doctor who explains LeBoyer birth and shows them the tape.  He explains to them it is more than LaMaze.  The goal of LaMaze is to reduce the anxiety and pain for the mother during birth.  LeBoyer proposes the same thing for the baby.  From his research, the doctor tells them, when the mother, father and child share the child's first experience and the father has a real, important role to play, they function as a family right from the beginning.

One of the baby's first experiences is the comfort of the parent's hands, giving the baby a sense of comfort and security.  To help eliminate the baby's fear, the father puts the baby in a warm bath and the baby feels everything is okay.  The baby is relaxed and reassured with no reason to be afraid.

They watch the tapes and are impressed.  Jill is assured by the doctor that even though she's had a difficult pregnancy she doesn't have to have a difficult birth.  Mary wants to use the LaBoyer method too, and wants Jack to be a part of it.  If he'll just watch the tape, she says, she doesn't see how he can refuse.

Later, in the bar, Mary tells Kevin about the LeBoyer method.  Pat comes in and asks if Dee has come back.  Mary tells Pat not to worry about Dee when they are interrupted by a process server.  Mary tells him she doesn't want the divorce complaint and summons he tries to give her, but he tells her she's been legally served, she'll have to take it.  When she doesn't accept the papers, he drops them on the floor and leaves.

Pat picks the paper up and reads it aloud to Mary.  She takes it from him and continues.

"Since on or about the first day of September, 1976, and to and including this date, defendant has engaged in a course of conduct detrimental to the mental and physical health of plaintiff, among other things, deliberately failing and refusing to employ such means or take precautions to safeguard against the possibility the defendant would become pregnant, despite her express promise and express agreement between plaintiff and defendant that she would employ such means unless and until plaintiff consented the abandonment."

Mary tears the document in half.  Maeve interrupts them telling Pat she wants to see him upstairs with Delia.

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