Ryan's Hope
Mary's Story
Episode 423
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Frank is in the dark in the Ryan living room thinking about Jill when Mary comes in.  She tells him this is an unhealthy atmosphere and turns up the lights.  Frank says he is okay as she massages his shoulders. Mary tells Frank she offered Jack a deal.  He stays with her through the birth, then if he still wants the divorce, she'll give it to him.  He's considering her proposition, Mary tells Frank, who thinks Mary has made progress.

Mary tells Frank this is the first time in her life she hasn't been able to change a situation through force of will.  She grew up thinking no matter what the problem, time and love and energy would do the trick. Jack is the most important thing in her world and she still hasn't been able to solve the basic problem between them.

Frank tells her there is still time as the phone rings.  It is Jack.  He tells her he's talked to Faith.  He wants to hear from Mary that she understands that his being in the delivery room won't change anything. He doesn't want to build up false hopes and wants to make sure Mary realizes this will only prolong the inevitable, making it worse when it does happen.

Mary is willing to take that risk.  Jack tells her he'll take a look at the tapes and meet Dr. Wolfe.  Beyond that, he won't make any promises. They agree to meet the next day to see the tapes.  Mary tells Jack she loves him.  Jack responds that he'll see her there.  Mary hangs up the phone, elated.  She tells Frank that she knows this is going to work. At least it is a start.

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