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Episode 425
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Jack meets Mary at the doctor's office.  Mary is obviously happy to see Jack.  She tells him that Dr. Wolfe is down the hall getting some lab reports and suggests that Jack sit down where he'll have a good view of the television.  He takes the chair Mary offers and tells her he wishes that he didn't think this was a mistake.  Mary reminds Jack that he hasn't committed to anything except watching a tape of a father, mother and newborn baby.

Jack is afraid that he may find himself agreeing to Mary's deal.  He asks how she is going to feel at the end when he still knows he was right from the beginning.  What's more important to her right now, Mary says, is how she'd feel if Jack weren't with her at the birth.  Truth is, Jack decides, Mary really is as crazy as he is.

Maybe, she agrees, but not because she won't let him go.  If he thinks it is such a mistake, why is he here, she asks.  Jack tells Mary he misses her.  All the reasons are still there, but she's making him believe he'll hurt her as much by staying as by going.  Jack doesn't want to discuss it further; he just wants to watch the tape.

Mary tells Jack she thinks watching the tape will show him what's missing in his life: security and reassurance.  Jack doesn't understand how he'll see that.  Mary explains that on the tape the mother gives the baby life.  The father reassures the baby that life is a good thing to be given by giving the baby something he knows so he feels secure.

Jack asks if he is supposed to understand the process because he didn't have a father or he needs reassurance or is afraid.  Everyone is afraid, Mary assures Jack, but he doesn't agree.  The Ryans, he says, aren't afraid.  'I'm afraid of losing you,' Mary tells him.

Dr. Wolfe comes in.  Before they watch the tape, Dr. Wolfe wants to tell them a little about this particular method of childbirth.  He explains again how the father, mother and baby are functioning as a family from the moment of birth.  When the father puts the baby in the warm bath, Mary tells Jack, the baby is so relaxed and secure that he opens his eyes and begins to look around.

Dr. Wolfe puts the tape in and Jack watches as the father in the tape helps the mother through contractions.  The child on the tape is born. Jack watches as the parents massage the baby.  By the time the father on the tape puts the baby in the bath, Jack has had more than enough. 'Mary thanks, but no thanks,' he tells her, leaving the room.  She can have the baby any way she wants, he says, but count him out.

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Episode 426
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