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Episode 426
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Mary follows Jack down the corridor.  Jack tells her that he's had enough.  Mary assures him she doesn't want to fight, she just wants to know what's happened in Dr. Wolfe's office.  He's done what he said he'd do, Jack states.  He listened to Dr. Wolfe and saw the tape.  Now he's going home where he belongs.

Mary reminds Jack they had a deal.  He doesn't think it is much of a deal; he doesn't want the baby and Mary wants him to practically deliver it.  Mary argues that she is only asking, for the child's sake and hers, to share in its birth.  If Jack did that, he says, he could never leave her.  He couldn't deal with that much guilt.  Mary wants to know why Jack has to feel guilt instead of love.

They continue to argue and Jack accuses Mary of manipulation and emotional blackmail.  Perhaps she has been taking lessons from Delia. She's trying to play him like a violin.  The next thing he knows, she'll show up barefoot in the snow on Weehawkin Street with the baby wrapped in a shawl.

Mary is clearly hurt.  She isn't trying to manipulate Jack; she's trying to make him realize how much they have to share.  If she had any idea what he thought about the tape and babies, she'd hustle him out of her life and beg Father Richards to give her an annulment, Jack yells, heading for the elevator.

Mary tells him to stop; she isn't finished.  The idea that a father could make so much difference to a baby five minutes old must have scared him out of his skin, she reasons.  The kid might depend on him, he agrees, like his mother.  He knows he can't meet expectations the baby will have.  Mary tries to assure Jack that she loves him and that leaving her is the most terrible thing he could do.

Jack begs Mary to give up, but Mary thinks if they both give a little, they could find themselves back together.  Jack is counting on someone in 'Ryan Land' convincing Mary that the annulment is in her best interest.  Until then he will do the best he can to stay away from her. If the Ryans can't reason with her, Jack decides, maybe she'll fall in love with someone else.  Alex is ready and waiting, he baits her.

Mary begs him to finish watching the tape.  He gave her his word she reminds him.  As the elevator doors close, he tells her that shows her just how unreliable he can be.  Mary stands alone in the hallway remembering times Jack told her he loved her and asked her to not give up on him.

Back in the Ryan kitchen, Mary is making a cup of tea.  Pat comes in and Mary tells him about showing Jack the LeBoyer tapes and how he'd walked out.  Pat tells Mary that Delia is pregnant and the child is his.  He belongs with Faith, Mary says.  He knows, but he's responsible for what's happened, he tells her as he heads back over to the hospital.

Mary goes upstairs and tells Delia that she's the most destructive person that Mary has ever known.  Dee lets Mary know she doesn't have any idea what she has been through this morning.  She isn't up for more, but Mary pushes full speed ahead.

"You're sick, Delia.  You're so obsessed with yourself and what you need and what you want, that you'd do anything to get your own way and it doesn't matter who gets hurt in the process."

Dee protests that all she's done is love Pat, but Mary doesn't think Dee can love anyone.  She tells Dee that Dee has used her family for years. The only reason she's gotten away with it, Mary reasons, is because everyone is so sympathetic about Dee's poor, deprived childhood.  That doesn't really matter, Mary says.

"What counts is what you are and what you are is a lying, manipulative, selfish, self indulgent, destructive, over emotional little witch."

"And you are perfect.  You are smart and brave and Mary always takes care of herself.  Well some people aren't that lucky, Miss Mary Wonderful."

Luck doesn't have anything to do with it.  Taking care of yourself is hard work and tiring, but probably easier, Mary decides, than going around half hysterical playing games and getting yourself pregnant so that someone has to take care of you.

"You really hate me, don't you?"

"Yeah.  Save the tears for someone else, Dee.  They make me want to slap you."

"You've always hated me.  And you know why?  Because you can't stand your two brothers being in love with somebody other than you.  What really is a pity is that you couldn't marry Frank, because the two of you are the only people who are perfect for each other."

Mary tells Dee she isn't perfect, and, at the moment, she'd do just about anything to get Dee away from Pat and her family.  Unfortunately, the only thing she can come up with at the moment is homicide, and Mary doesn't think Dee is worth the risks.

Before stomping out of the room, Dee tells Mary she'd better not say any more, and in fact, she'd better take it back, because the two of them will be sisters-in-law for a long time.

In the meantime, Jack takes a copy of the divorce papers to the church, where he is told they will interview Mary and move ahead with speed.

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