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Episode 428
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Mary goes to see Father Richards, who wants to let her know how things stand with the annulment.  She tells him she doesn't want the annulment. Father Richards says Jack can proceed as long as he has legal grounds. Mary denies he has those grounds.  Mary tells Father Richards that Jack never was dead set against having children when they got married.  He is against the baby she is caring for a lot of reasons, none of which has to do with fraud, which Jack has invented.  Mary loves Jack and she can't give him a divorce or annulment.  She won't cooperate.

Father Richards tells Mary that she has no choice, really.  With or without Mary's cooperation, Jack has a right to present his case to the church tribunal.  Mary asks if they would let Jack lie his way out of their marriage, and Father Richards assures Mary that they will do their job.  Any lies will be uncovered.  He wants her to be aware of the steps her husband will be taking in the next few weeks.  Some degree of cooperation, he tells her, is in her best defense.

First, Jack will submit a written explanation of his point of view about the marriage.  They want a statement from Mary too.  It's one way for her to tell her side of the story, he explains.  After that, Jack will have a psychological consultation.  Beyond that, there is actual testimony.

Mary decides that after all this, the tribunal will find out that Jack is lying and the ordeal will be over.  Father Richards tells her Jack claims to have two witnesses who will testify that Jack told them, before the marriage, he didn't want children.  Mary says that is impossible; those people don't exist.

Father Richards advises Mary that to be on the safe side, if she thinks the annulment is wrong, she should speak up and give them her written statement.  Mary agrees that would be one way to fight, but what she would rather do is refuse to deal with the whole issue.  Her lawyer, she says, is dealing with the civil divorce.  She asks if that won't hold up the annulment.  He advises her to contest the annulment too.

Mary is overwhelmed by the whole thing.  If only they could forget it and go back to Weehawkin Street, they could work on it.  Father Richards advises Mary to go home and write is all down so the church can understand.  Finally she agrees.

Jack has called Jumbo to come to his apartment to discuss the annulment. Jumbo warns Jack to not ask him to say anything bad about Mary.  Jack reminds Jumbo the number of times he's heard Jack say he doesn't want kids.  Jumbo counters that he's never heard Jack say that.  He can't help Jack.

Jack reminds Jumbo of a friend he had years ago who had a wife and three children and was killed in an accident on the docks.  After the funeral, Jack says, he told Jumbo he wouldn't ever let that happen to him.  Jumbo remembers that Jack said he didn't ever want little ones, but he didn't mean it.  Jack assures Jumbo that he did indeed mean it and asks Jumbo if he would lie to a Priest.

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