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Episode 434
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Mary and Frank are in his office when he gets a phone call from Da, who tells him that Dee has tried to kill herself.  Frank explains to Mary that Dee took some of Jack's painkillers.  Mary insists that Dee didn't mean to kill herself.  She bets they found Dee with her toenails polished and perfume behind her ears.  Mary tells Frank that it is blackmail, the ultimate threat.  Mary asks where Dee did it and Frank tells her at the Ryan's apartment.  So Maeve and Da got the full effect too, Mary states.

She tells Frank that something is wrong with her.  She doesn't feel any sympathy or compassion for Dee anymore.  She feels sorry for Pat, Maeve and Da, but thinks Dee is the most selfish person in the world.  Frank tells her that Dee's desperation is real, but Dee learned a long time ago how to make it work for her.

Frank and Mary worry about how Dee's taking the pills will affect the baby.  Mary asks Frank to talk to Pat, but Frank says Pat is getting it from all angles right now.  Anyway, he's gotten himself into a situation where he almost has to marry Delia.  Mary knows three people, herself, Frank and Faith, who will tell Pat to not do it.

Mary and Frank go to the hospital.  Mary hopes they don't have to see Dee.  She's afraid she'll tell Dee to try killing herself again.  Frank warns Mary that if she even hints to Pat that she feels that way, it will make Dee seem more of a martyr than she already does.

Pat comes out and tells them Dee is still unconscious, but she's going to make it. Mary expresses her sympathies to Pat and Frank asks about the baby.  Pat says they don't know anything yet.  Mary tries to reassure Pat that it isn't his fault.

Pat pulls Dee's suicide note out of his pocket and hands it to Mary, who reads it aloud.  After reading the note, Mary tells Pat again that it is not his fault.  Pat thinks he set Dee up a long time ago to rely on him because he liked the rewards involved.  Gradually he got scared, because it was too much need for him to handle.  He set her up again in Boston, and rather than face the consequences she took the pills.

Frank tells Pat it is time for Dee to be responsible for herself.  Pat retorts that he is tired and the last thing he needs is for them to come around defining responsibilities to him.  Get out while you can, Frank warns him.  Mary reminds Frank to not say anything he'll regret.  Pat tells Frank to leave and Frank decides that to cool off, he will go for a walk.  Mary tries to convince Pat that Frank is right, but Pat doesn't want to hear it.

Mary finds Maeve in the Ryan living room.  She tells her that Frank and Pat got into it at the hospital and that Frank is taking a walk.  Maybe, Mary says, she and Frank are wrong.  Neither of them believe Dee really meant to kill herself.

Maeve asks if they said that to Pat and reminds Mary that she didn't see Dee on the floor with the pills all over the bed.  Maeve wishes Mary were right, though.  It would be easier for Maeve to think Dee didn't mean to kill herself than to believe she'd been in so much pain that Dee thought killing herself was her only option.  Maeve's been poor and tired and has prayed for peace of mind before, but she's never felt so much pain she didn't want her life.

Mary doesn't believe Dee meant to kill herself, mainly because if Dee died, she couldn't be sure she wasn't losing her audience.  The person Mary knows who hurts like that is Jack, but, she says, Jack wouldn't take his own life because that would be a public admission that he couldn't get through it.  On the other hand, he does things to himself emotionally that are just as bad.

Mary says she'd rather think of living and being born.  Maeve asks if there is any chance Jack will go through the birth classes with her. Mary doesn't think there is any chance of that  happening and tells Maeve she has a favor to ask of her.  Will she go to the birth classes and be there with Mary when the baby is born?  Maeve says of course she will.

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