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Episode 435
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Mary finds Bobby in the living room.  He gives her an update on Dee and says they don't know anything about the baby yet.  Mary doesn't know how Dee could have brought herself to do this and asks Bobby if he thinks Dee really meant to kill herself.  Mary knows Bobby loves his sister, but Mary thinks it is another one of Dee's little plans, like last summer when Dee climbed onto the window ledge.  Then she scared them all to death; but admitted she never meant to jump.

Bobby is incensed.  Whether Dee meant it or not, it was a near disaster. When Mary pushes further, Bobby tells her to cut it out.  Mary insists that the best way to help Dee is to make her be responsible for herself for once.  Bobby has had a change of heart, however and thinks that maybe it isn't such a bad idea for Pat and Dee to get married.  Maybe Dee would work at a marriage with Pat.  Mary points out that no one has ever seen Dee happy.  She manipulates and makes people do what she wants, but it never makes her happy.  It wouldn't be any different with Pat.

Bobby tells Mary that he is sorry things aren't working out with she and Jack.  He's surprised when Mary tells him that Jack is still working toward the annulment.  He tells Mary that if he had known last summer this would happen, he would have punched Jack out when he had the chance.

Mary asks Bobby if he's ever wanted a family of his own.  He thinks of the Ryans as his family, he says, but someday he'd like a wife and kids of his own.  Mary says she will hope for him, but Bobby thinks the person who needs hope is Dee.

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