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Episode 437
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Mary and Jack write up their letters for the tribunal.  Mary's letter tells that she was the fourth of five children and that she grew up in a close, loving family.  Jack tells about growing up in an orphanage. While Mary grew up thinking that marriage was the way a woman shared her life with a man, Jack closed his mind to the idea of marriage.  Mary thinks that deep in his heart, Jack likes being married to her and that he even likes their baby.

Jack says marrying Mary was selfish; he wanted her all to himself. Since he didn't really want a wife, he didn't make much of a husband. He thinks the marriage is a series of failures on his part.  Mary thinks it was a growing time for both of them, and unfortunately, the pregnancy was a terrible shock for Jack.  He will need time to share the joys of pregnancy, but she knows he will be a wonderful father.  In the long run, she says, Jack is too kind and gentle a man to be anything but positive towards his child.

Children require input he can't give, Jack writes.  He doesn't ever want children.  He married Mary under false pretenses and asks to be granted the annulment.  Mary loves her husband, and doesn't want an annulment, she writes.  She wants to put this sad part of their lives behind them.

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