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Episode 439
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It is St. Patrick's Day at the Ryan's.  As the family watches on, Mary tries to talk Pat out of marrying Dee.  Pat doesn't think there is anything more to discuss.  Mary reminds Pat that there is Faith.  Pat assures Mary that he's talked to Faith and everything is decided.

Mary begs Pat to reconsider, then begs the family to help her talk to Pat.  Maeve reminds Mary that there is no solution that is going to make everyone happy.  This one, Mary says, makes no one happy.  Da says that at least there will be one responsible parent for Pat and Dee's baby. 'Who is miserably unhappy married to its mother,' Mary adds.  Dee will drive Pat insane, she insists.  When Mary sees Maeve and Da won't back her up, she begs Bobby to talk to Pat.  Bobby doesn't know what to tell anyone any more.

Mary doesn't know what's wrong with all of them.  They all know that Faith is the girl for Pat.  Faith should have been here today to marry Pat as they had planned.  All of them should have been there to make that happen.

Frank comes in and tells Mary that Pat isn't interested in his advice. Or anyone else's, Pat adds.  They've all been pestering him to make a decision and he's made it.  He is going to marry Dee, and if they can't welcome her, then they can at least try to stay out of her way.

Mary asks Maeve if she has talked with Faith.  Maeve has tried, she said, but Faith was on duty.  She plans on waiting until Faith gets home so it will be a little more private.  Mary declares she can't wait and leaves.

Faith is working in her office when Mary comes in.  Mary tells Faith that Pat just told her he has called off his wedding with Faith.  She insists that Pat is crazy and Delia ought to be locked up.  She and Frank both tried talking to Pat, she says.  Frank is mad and everything must have come out wrong.  Faith tells Mary she could go on for hours about why Dee is wrong for Pat, but she can't force her insights on him. It doesn't matter what she does, Pat is going to marry Dee.

'But he loves you,' Mary insists.  She tells Faith that once she and Pat got engaged, she quit worrying about Dee coming between them.  We both made that mistake, Faith admits.

Faith reminds Mary that there is a St. Patrick's Day party at the Ryan's and Mary should be there.  Mary says it was supposed to be for her new sister-in-law.  Faith tells her that they are as good as sisters.

Mary asks if Faith has told Jill.  Faith has.  Mary asks how Jill's baby is.  He's holding his own, Faith answers.  Mary wants to go out with Faith after she gets off work, but Faith insists that she'll be fine and Mary should go back to the Ryan's.

Ryan's Bar is full of singing and Irish tales when Jack comes in and asks to speak to Da in the kitchen.  Still searching for a second witness who heard Jack say he didn't want children, Jack has decided that maybe Da wants to see Mary free of him enough to testify that he heard Jack say he didn't want children.  Frank joins them in time to hear Da proclaim his memory isn't what it used to be.  He doesn't remember anything of the sort.

Mary comes in.  Jack tells her that he was there to talk about something with Johnny.  Da tells Mary that Jack has asked him to testify that he'd heard Jack say he didn't want children.  Mary delights in how desperate for a witness Jack must be if he has to ask Da for help.  Da tells Mary he must be going senile, because he doesn't remember anything.

Mary follows Jack out and asks him to not go, but Jack says his business is done.  He's going home.  She asks him again to stay and talk to her. She never sees him.  She isn't supposed to see him, Jack states; they are separated.  He suggests she start looking around for some other guy. Mary reminds him that without his two witnesses, he can't get an annulment.  He'll find two witnesses, he declares.  Mary says she will fight him.  She asks him one last time to go upstairs, but Jack says they'll both be more hurt if he does.  As Maeve begins to sing Danny Boy, Mary asks if Jack ever feels like he needs to see her.  Jack admits he does, but he wants to get over that, he says as he leaves.

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