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Episode 440
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Pat comes into the Ryan living room after having brought Dee home from the hospital.  Mary tells him she is going to try one more time, but before she can finish her sentence, Pat asks her to stop.  She says she can't because she loves Pat and Faith.  She is sick over the whole situation.  Mary starts to compare Pat with Frank, and, again, Pat stops her.  He isn't interested in hearing anything that has he and Frank mixed together.  They are two different people.  Mary wants to know why they are both reacting in the same self destructive way.

As far as Mary is concerned, Pat has a clear choice:  Faith or Dee.  Pat tells Mary he has a duty to Dee, but Mary thinks his duty is to Faith, because he loves her.  She tries to convince him that if he and Faith married, Dee would give them the baby.  He is throwing a lifetime worth of love with Faith out the window because he is afraid of a little noise from Dee.  He's seen what  marriage meant to Dee through her marriage with Frank.  Mary doesn't see how Pat can walk into it.

Pat tells Mary to listen, because he doesn't want to have this conversation again.  The failure of the marriage between Dee and Frank wasn't entirely Dee's fault.  Everyone, he says, dumps on Dee.  Did Mary ever give Dee half a chance?  The more that Mary and Frank hammer away at him, the more he realizes he is doing the right thing.  It will be interesting, he says, to see how Delia behaves if she is treated like an adult.

Mary thinks it will be interesting to see who changes who.  She begs Pat to think.  Marrying Dee isn't the easy way out.  He's going to pay for it later.  Pat points out that Mary's opinion is based on her observation of Frank and Dee's marriage, which makes it totally invalid. He tells Mary they will never agree and should just leave it.

After Pat leaves, Dee comes into the room.  Mary asks who she'd expected to find.  Dee doesn't know; she'd heard voices.  Mary asks her if she thought Pat had been talking to Faith.  Mary accuses Dee of feeling threatened whenever she thinks Pat is paying attention to someone else. Pat will hate her for demanding his attention, she says.

Pat knows, Dee retorts, that she is going to do everything she can to make him happy.  Like she did with Frank, Mary questions.  Brother Frank can do no wrong, Dee volleys.  Frank and Pat have lives, Dee doesn't, Mary shoots back.

Dee feels sorry for Mary.  After all, Dee is going to have a baby and a husband and a family.  She really doesn't want to hurt Mary's feelings, but because she is pregnant, Pat is going to marry her.  Mary's husband is going to leave her, so maybe she is a little bit jealous.  She promises Mary that she will be understanding and patient with her, because she knows what Mary is going through.

Mary calls Dee a master manipulator and Dee tells her she can call her any names she wants if it makes her feel better.  When Mary is all alone and wants to go somewhere, Mary can leave her baby with Aunt Delia.  Dee won't hold it against the baby.  Mary tells Dee that Pat hasn't married her yet, and she is going to do everything she can to make sure he doesn't.

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