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Episode 442
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Jack tries to convince Father Richards that he has three witnesses, but two won't talk.  Father Richards tells him he has to have two witnesses who will agree to testify.

Mary comes in to give her letter to Father Richards.  When she discovers that Jack is there to give his statement too, she points out to Father Richards that she and Jack even time things the same.  She adds that Jack is a brilliant fiction writer and she's sure there is a wonderful story in his letter.

The phone rings and Father Richards excuses himself to take care of something.  Left alone together, Mary suggests they read each other's letters to the tribunal.  Jack says he knows what's in Mary's letter but Mary says 'It's not exactly a Valentine, darling. It might just destroy your whole case.' They begin to read and Mary is clearly hurt.

"There was no real closeness between us?" Mary asks.

"I told you it was none of your business." Jack responds.

"Your most private thoughts were never shared with me?  Stronger than any pleasure we ever had was your constant need to be free of me?"

"Your family.  I was talking about your family there."

"I knew you'd lie, but to put this down on paper for these men to read..."

Jack asks if her version that he's going to be a dandy husband and wonderful father was the gospel truth.  Mary reminds Jack that he thought their marriage was good.  He'd started to love it.  They were close.  Close like they were the same person and Mary thinks Jack doesn't believe a word he's written.

Mary asks Jack whatever happened to honest Jack Fenelli, the one reporter who always told it straight.  Jack tells her he made a very serious mistake.  Then left his wife to give birth to it  alone, Mary adds.  Fortunately, Jack tells her, she's got the world's most supportive family.  Mother's a great substitute husband, Mary says.

Ten years from now, Jack tells Mary, Mary will be thanking him for this. Ten years from now, Mary yells, she'll be busy trying to explain this to their kid.  She tells Jack to do her a favor.  Write another statement for the baby, so that he'll understand, because Mary will never be able to explain it.

Mary tells Jack he should see her at the LaMaze classes.  She does what they tell her, but keeps her own rhythm too.  A chant runs through her head:  My baby needs a father.  Jack accuses Mary of laying more guilt on him.  She doesn't want to make Jack feel guilty, she just wants him to go through the birth with her.  Jack insists that he didn't intend for Mary to conceive and he won't go through it with them.

Mary tells Jack that Jill has had her baby.  Jack wonders if maybe he should talk to Jill about he never wanted children and leaves.

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