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Episode 444
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When Mary gets home from the LaMaze class, Jumbo and Bobby are in the Ryan kitchen.  Bobby goes up to see Dee and Mary offers Jumbo coffee. Mary tells him the baby is due in about two more weeks.   Jumbo tells her that the boys down at the Gennaro Social Club are all upset about the situation between Mary and Jack.  They all send their regards.

Mary asks if Jack has dragged Jumbo into it.  Jumbo tells Mary that Jack said something once after a funeral about not wanting children, but he didn't mean it.  How, Jumbo asks, can he lie to a priest.  Mary tells Jumbo it's all right.  He can tell the priest what Jack said and she'll understand.  Besides, she says, the Priest will give Jumbo a chance to say Jack didn't mean it.  Anyway, Jumbo half raised Jack.  He can't abandon him now.  Mary tells Jumbo Jack is having trouble finding a second witness.  Jumbo hopes he can't find one.

In the meantime, Jack goes to Jill and asks her to testify that he never wanted children.  Jill tells Jack in no uncertain terms that she won't help him get the annulment from Mary.

In the Ryan kitchen, Mary is practicing her breathing exercises when Bobby comes back downstairs.  Alarmed, he asks if she's all right.  Mary laughs and tells Bobby she was just practicing.

Bobby tells Mary he delivered a baby once.  He's sorry Jack isn't going to be there with Mary and can't believe Jack would walk away like that. He'd like to go downtown and beat some sense into Jack.

Mary is glad the situation between Dee and Pat hasn't affected her relationship with Bobby.  Bobby tells Mary he's feeling better about Pat and Dee's relationship.  He thinks maybe Dee will put extra effort into the marriage to make it work.  Mary isn't sure the marriage will take place.  She is sure Pat wants Faith.  Bobby doesn't agree.  Pat wouldn't have agreed to marry Dee if some part of him didn't want to.  Bobby speculates that Mary could be wrong about Pat and Dee.  Maybe she's wrong about Jack not wanting an annulment too.  Mary isn't ready to believe that.

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