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Episode 446
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Maeve goes to Jack's apartment.  They make small talk about Maeve's hat, then Jack tells Maeve that he knows what he's doing is right.  Maeve suggests that in order for Jack to justify the annulment, he's had to make it out so that he's freeing Mary of the miserable, sad marriage. That's mighty heroic of him, Maeve asserts.

Jack says anyone on the outside looking in doesn't really know how a marriage is.  Maeve does know that Mary loves Jack and wants to stay married with all her heart.  While Jack's down here playing bear in a cave, she's watching Mary carry her first child and pretend her heart isn't breaking.

Jack reminds Maeve that's nothing compared to how he could hurt Mary if they stayed together.  Maeve counters that no one has any guarantees they won't hurt the people they love the most.  Nothing is safe and sure, but you do the best you can.  You try.  Jack tells Maeve that Mary's asking for trouble, tears, pain, disappointment, one right after another.

Maeve says Jack won't reduce his relationship with Mary to that.  He was happy with Mary and Mary was happy with him.  Maeve can't figure out why Jack wants to turn his back on Mary.  He tells her it is because he can't give Mary what she needs and wants.  He doesn't like feeling guilty all the time and wants Maeve to hush.

Maeve realizes Jack isn't at peace about any of this.  Jack tells her he likes her and is grateful to her, but if they are going to stay friends, she has to convince Mary the marriage is over.

Mary goes to see Father McShane.  He's had a letter from the chancery about the annulment proceedings and he's come up with a plan which he describes as devious.  Mary tells Father McShane she thought she could hold out, but the letter she read the other day proves how desperate Jack is.

Father McShane says the letter from the chancery wants his analysis of the marriage.  He could refuse to supply his response until after Jack's had surgery.  He reminds Mary that Jack had promised to consult a specialist before he started the annulment and he didn't hold up his end of the bargain.

Mary doesn't think Jack is ready for surgery yet.  Exactly, Father McShane tells her, which gives her more time to convince Jack he doesn't want the annulment.  By the time Jack's had the surgery and recovered, the baby will be there.

Mary thinks Father McShane's plan is terrific.  They call Jack so that Father McShane can tell him his decision.  He tells Jack he won't do anything until Jack has undergone surgery.  Jack tells Father McShane that it is blackmail and asks if Mary is with him.  He tells Jack she is.  Jack informs him that he will be at his office in thirty minutes and tells Father McShane to tell Mary to stay put.  Father McShane can't block a legitimate annulment, Jack declares.  Jack tells Maeve that nothing will stop him now.

Jack bursts into Father McShane's office and tells Mary and Father McShane that they won't get away with it.  Mary tells Jack to go sit down and behave himself; he's not on the dock.

Father McShane reminds Jack that he said he'd consult a specialist about his condition before he sought an annulment.  Jack agrees that he'd said it and that he probably meant it at the time.  His physical condition, however, has nothing to do with his desire for an annulment.

Father McShane says he won't send the chancery his report until after Jack's had surgery.   Jack threatens to call Father Richards, but Father McShane tells him it won't do any good.  Jack vows to find a specialist and get the surgery.  He expects Father McShane to file his report twenty-four hours after he's released from the hospital.

He tells them he is going around the corner and making arrangements to enter the hospital.  Mary tells Jack he can't; it is too soon.  Jack informs Mary that somewhere there is a vascular specialist who will do the job.  He's not going to give up on an annulment and she needs to accept that.

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