Mary's Story
Episode 449
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Mary gets home from work, but tells Maeve she's only staying long enough to cool off.  She'd tried to cover a story earlier in the day and needed to use a helicopter to get it.  The pilot hadn't been excited about having a pregnant passenger and had acted like Mary was a time bomb. Some people, Maeve says, especially men, get a little nervous with a woman who is about due.

Mary isn't due for six weeks, she laments, and doesn't want to go into total seclusion just because she's having a baby.  This guy was so scared, Mary says, he practically ran.  Just like Jack.  Maeve comforts Mary telling her she's had better days than these past few, and Mary agrees she's had too many run ins with crazy men.

Every time Mary sees Jack, she is more confused.  Jack talks annulment, but his eyes are dying for Mary.  He doesn't want the baby, but wants to know how she's feeling and when she's due.  Mary knows Jack loves her; that's why she doesn't give up.  The surgery terrifies Mary, who is afraid it will be too much of a strain on Jack's heart.

At least Jack keeps Mary posted about what's happening, which is more than can be said about Dee, who has pulled another disappearing act, Maeve complains.  Mary is disgusted by Dee's behavior, but assures Maeve that Dee is fine.  After all, Pat is doing a good enough job being Dee's keeper.  The rest of them don't have to do it too.  Anyway, if Dee had had an accident, they'd have been notified.  Mary finally agrees to make a few phone calls to try to find Dee.

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