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Episode 454
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Mary goes to see Jack, who has checked into the hospital for the by-pass surgery.  She finds him out of sorts.  The hospital has had cutbacks, and he wants a nurse, but can't get anyone to  answer his buzzer.  Mary asks if she can get him something.  All Jack wants is to know when his surgery is scheduled for, along with some peace and quiet.

Mary whispers to him that the surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning at eight.  When Jack asks why she is whispering, Mary teases him that it is because he wants peace and quiet.  She continues to whisper until Jack tells her to cut it out.  Mary gives Jack a book she has brought for him and sits down.

Jack hasn't seen Dr. Marley, who is performing the surgery, since yesterday, he tells Mary.  He's been told his chances for recovery are possible, but not great.  Mary is concerned about how Jack is paying for the surgery and he tells her he's writing his column again and has borrowed the money from Jumbo.  Mary tells Jack that she keeps thinking it's her business too; she still feels like she belongs in his life. She keeps thinking he'll get well and they'll make love.  She can't believe he could get well and not want to love her.

They are interrupted by one of the over worked hospital staff who informs Jack that he needs to draw a map for the surgery.  After looking at Jack's legs, he asks him to stand on a chair.  Finally the hospital worker finds what he is looking for and begins to mark the back of Jack's leg.  When Jack asks what he's doing, the worker tells him he's marking the veins.  Frankly, the worker says, he doesn't know why Jack's having the surgery done.  Vericose veins are usually much worse, he says, before surgery is necessary.

Mary says that Jack doesn't have vericose veins.  As luck would have it, the hospital worker is in the wrong room.  Before he leaves, he warns Jack to not take any medicine that might be sent to his room in the next few minutes.  Mary thinks the mix up is hilarious, but Jack isn't the least bit amused.  He orders her to find Dr. Marley and she tells him she loves him before going.

Mary finds Clem and explains to him that she is worried that Jack won't let her know everything that is happening with the surgery.  She asks Clem to keep track of what's going on and let her know.  Clem gives Mary his promise to do so.

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