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6 PM Evening News

San Francisco, California
 Wednesday, June 8, 2005

'Tea at Five' - Act I

'Tea at Five' - Act II
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Pete Wilson:  Now actress Kate Mulgrew, of considerable accomplishment herself brings Hepburn to the stage in "Tea at Five". It's at the Marines Memorial Theatre in San Francisco.  Here's arts and entertainment reporter Don Sanchez.

Don Sanchez:  She was an original.  A maverick.  An icon. But Katharine Hepburn lives on. 

(Clip from Act One of "Tea at Five")

Don Sanchez:  Kate Mulgrew in "Tea at Five", a role she's played on and off for three years.

Kate Mulgrew:  … You certainly can appreciate that playing an icon is no easy thing. So an impersonation would be… silly, to say the least. 

Don Sanchez:  Too many people do that. 

Kate Mulgrew:  Indeed they do. (In the older Hepburn's voice)  'Lie after lie, what's to you, or cheat or kill…'  can you imagine!? 

Don Sanchez:  That's a far cry from the captain on Star Trek: Voyager. 

(Clip from Act One of "Tea at Five")

Don Sanchez:  But behind a tough exterior, there was a heart.

(Clip from Act Two of "Tea at Five" – "I met my match when I met Spencer Tracy…")

Don Sanchez:  Katharine Hepburn died two years ago this month.

Kate Mulgrew:  I see that life is now passing by far too quickly for my taste, and I'm grabbing my moments.

(Clip from Act Two of "Tea at Five" – "Want to know what I'd change about my life?)

Don Sanchez:  Mulgrew says it's about love, kindness and creativity. And that is a legacy. In San Francisco, Don Sanchez, ABC 7 News. 

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