Trek Expo 2007
October 12 - 14, 2007
Tulsa, OK

On Saturday, October 13, 2007,  Kate Mulgrew was a guest at Trek Expo 2007 held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Kate started the day at noon by having her photo taken with fans who had purchased photo ops. Next was autograph signing at 1:30 pm. After the autographs Kate was scheduled to appear on stage at 3:15 pm. Robert Picardo (The Doctor on Voyager) and Ethan Phillips (Neelix on Voyager) were also guests at the convention. They were schedule on-stage at 2:15 pm, right before Kate. Kate decided she was going to join the guys so a  few minutes into their time on stage Kate joined them and the audience was treated to almost 2 hours of the threesome! As Kate commented about her two favs, the guys were irreverent and naughty. If Kate looks like she's crying in some of the photos, she is! She laughed so hard at times she cried. It was quite evident that they all three enjoyed each other's company immensely and the audience certainly enjoyed them too. As one of the convention goes who asked a question commented "it was like seeing Tim Conway, Harvey Korman and Vicki Lawrence up on stage". And if you don't know who they are you are making me feel old so go look up the Carol Burnett Show! 

Oh, and if you're wondering about the hat Kate is wearing it was Bob Picardo's. He & Ethan both had their "homeboy hats" and when Kate came out Bob asked if she'd like to wear the crown and of course she said yes, because she is The Queen, Arachnia that is! 

Photos of the threesome on-stage can be found here. Enjoy!
More photos can be found on Star Base 21's website