Creation Entertainment's Convention
Las Vegas, Nevada
Saturday, August 2, 2003
By Leith Jones
Originally appeared on the trekbbs

Kate was introduced by Rita Rudner. When Kate came out, the room erupted in claps, cheers, and a standing ovation. She looked great: a fitted white dress with a navy blue sweater tied casually around her shoulders. Her hair was perfect.

The session started off with a mention of her play, Tea at Five and thanks to her core audience. She felt exhalted by the privilege of playing Janeway.

When could we see a Voyager movie? She doesn't know. We'll have to see how Enterprise does first (chuckles from audience). It's up to Berman, but she thinks it would be a wonderful thing.

What was the oddest thing she did on Voyager? It was when she and Mr. Paris had baby lizards.

She worked hard on her husband's gubernatorial campaign, but she has no political aspirations herself.

Kate discussed her mother's Alzheimer's Disease (well, she did promise that she would answer anything). After seeing her mother deteriorate, Kate would rather be shot than go through it herself.

A fan called her the second sexiest woman in Trek, so she had to tease him a bit. "Now, let's get this straight - the second most sexy?" Oh, the mock indignation! Well, the sexiest woman without 'detachables.'

People told her and the audience how she had inspired them. There were two aspiring actresses, a mother of an aspiring actress, and a naval petty officer who were all inspired to enter their chosen professions. The father of the naval officer said how his daughter liked the example of Janeway as a captain, which caused even Ms. Mulgrew to guffaw.

And, yes, she hates time anomalies. They give her a headache. She did, however, love playing Bride of Chaotica. She had just met Mr. Hagan at the time of shooting the episode, and little did she know at the time that she would become the Bride of Chaotica in real life!

Kate was honored to be the first female captain. "It's unbeatable."

She said that there was a lot of herself in Janeway. She "would consider doing comedy if comedy would consider doing me."

Kate's husband, Tim Hagan, was there and stood up and waved to the audience.

The next questioner was a man who assured her that she actually was the sexiest woman in Trek. More jokes about detachable body parts.

When Kate was 20, she had had an accident riding a horse which injured her back. She has avoided horses since.

She likes both cream and sugar in coffee. When she has to take care of her voice for a current role, she cuts back on coffee. When she's not having to take care of the vocal chords, she drinks about 20 cups a day.

Getting older in our culture is hard. "We're all going to get old and we're all going to die. Let's try to do it with a little grace."

On her last trip to Las Vegas, she won $4,000 playing video poker. They gave it all away in tips and gifts before they left .

It was hard on everyone when Jennifer Lien left and Jeri Ryan came in. Lien is a great actress, but the writers couldn't write for Kes. Kate felt bad when Lien left. If she could change anything, "there would be room for all of us."

A couple of fans showed her a picture of their newborn daughter who they named Kate.

A mother in the audience asked Kate's advice on her daughter who wanted to move to Los Angeles to become an actress. "Let your daughter go." It's daunting, important, and wonderful how Janeway influenced people as a role model.


Wow. Kate Mulgrew owned that room. You could feel the affection flowing back and forth between her and the audience. She talked from the heart. She had terrific quotes. She understands the effect that a character like Janeway had on people, the importance that Trek had in people's lives, and that she was a major reason that people were there. In short, she was fabulous. Even if you aren't a Voyager or Mulgrew fan, go see her if you have the chance. I liked Mulgrew and Janeway before, but today, I became a Mulgrew fan.

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