Creation Entertainment's Convention
Las Vegas, Nevada
Saturday, August 2, 2003
By Natalie Larkowski
I was very excited about seeing Kate Mulgrew again; this time at Creation's Official Star Trek Convention.  She's a crowd magnet, so finding a seat was a bit of a challenge!  (We had general admission seating).  Comedian Rita Rudner - a very funny lady - came onto the stage and introduced my favorite actress.  I was quite surprised to see that Kate Mulgrew is now blond!  But she looked absolutely terrific in a little white dress, with a black sweater draped - yuppie style - around her neck.

Kate took the stage and as always, immediately took charge.  A fan told her she was the 'second sexiest woman in Trek'  -  "I wonder who the first is?" She responded quickly.  "You're only second because you don't have detachable parts,"  he replied. That got a big laugh, but then later on, another guy told her, "You ARE the sexiest woman in Trek!"  At which point she pointed to the first fellow and said, "He doesn't need any detachable parts!"

Several people asked her about her play - "Tea at Five" - which she is taking on the road. First stop, in early November, will be West Palm Beach, Florida.

One audience member said his daughter was a Navy Petty Officer, and that Kate's portrayal of Janeway was what inspired her to go into the military. Kate replied, very eloquently I thought,  "I'm doing make-believe, SHE'S doing the real thing, SHE is the hero!"  (not an exact quote).

While I was waiting to go up to talk to her, I was sitting next to a pleasant heavy-set guy, that I later found out was her husband!

One lady asked how Kate's  mom was doing (she has Alzheimer's), to which Kate replied 'not well'. It looked for a moment as though she was going to cry, but she didn't. She said she'd rather be shot than have that disease, as it robs you of your personality.  Too true.  She had many words of praise for Tim Russ, Jennifer Lien and Jeri Ryan.  Since I had spoken with Kate last year, I kept letting folks go ahead of me, including a lady in a wheelchair.  I admit I was more interested in getting good photos of her rather than asking a question.  So I didn't get to talk to her this time.

During his session which had taken place earlier in the day, Robert Beltran did a less than flattering impression of Kate, but she got him back!  At the end of each star's presentation, they signed a huge banner up on the stage. Kate made loving comments about her fellow cast members pictured there, but when she came across Beltran's pic, she remarked, "Oh, that's the mouthy hell-man!"  Well, that brought down the house!  After her session, she was spirited away for autograph signings.  The line was horrendous, so I'm very glad I got one last year.  Some two-and-a-half hours later, Kate was whisked to the exhibit room to do the 'Photo Ops' (Where fans were able to have their picture taken with the stars).  I, like most of us, don't care to be photographed - especially next to the flawless Kate Mulgrew - so I had arranged to have a picture taken with Kate and my daughter, also named Katherine; well sort of - her name, Katarzyna (Kot-ahr-jhina) is the Polish translation of Katherine. Kate was tickled when my daughter told her they shared the same name, after a fashion.

I'm sure I've probably left a great deal of precious moments out, but this is all my tired brain can recall at the moment.

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