Creation Entertainment Presents
The Official STAR TREK Convention 2007
August 9 - 12, 2007
Las Vegas Hilton Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada 
Saturday - August 10, 2007
Report by Joni 
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Saturday was filled with star power and there were many convention goers awaiting their arrival. When Kate arrived at the hotel at about 10:30am, she was looking WAY too fit and chipper for someone who was just in NY doing a performance the night before and then traveling on an airplane all morning. She went up to her room for a quick cat nap and to change clothes for her talk.

Brent Spiner and Jonathan Frakes were on stage just before Kate, and had everyone rolling in the aisles with their comedy antics. The stage was set for the orchestra in the evening and they made full use of any equipment that wasn't nailed down. They decided to filibuster and not leave the stage at their allotted time, so things were running a little late.

After the gentlemen exited, they showed a video of Captain Janeway which was well received. It was now time for Kate's appearance! Brent and Jonathan escorted Kate onto the stage and then bowed at her feet and kissed her hand. This of course had her in stitches. Her first comments were "How do you follow an act like that!"

She spent the first part of her talk, discussing her new play, Iphegenia 2.0. She is enjoying it very much and was very enthusiastic. After that, she took questions from the audience. I was busy snapping pictures, so my memory from here on is a little sketchy. There were the typical questions about how did it feel to be a role model, which episode was her favorite, etc. My favorite question was the one by the young lady of 13 who asked what advice she would give to a young woman who wanted to go on to be successful. Kate's reply was, "Stay away from MEN!" Of course this brought down the house. She then said "Make them come to you!"

An audience member asked what designers she liked for clothes and shoes, and since I have no fashion sense, I didn't know the clothes designer, and I think the shoes were Manolo Blahnik. Another question was was there anything left in her life that she wanted to do since she was successful. Kate: "Is there ANYTHING left??????" (laughs) She remarked that she would like to travel more and have grandchildren.

I know the time went too quickly for me! She soon exited the stage for autographs. She was very quick at signing, even though she stopped to chat occasionally and laugh with the people in the autograph line. Once she was finished signing, she went backstage to relax before the photo ops.

Photo ops always go quickly, but often you get a handshake or a quick hello. Ahh, a moment in the spotlight.

What a wonderful day it was. Enough to keep me coming back!!!

Q&A transcript coming soon!