Sue Henley's Memories of Voyager and Kate Mulgrew
I was recently in touch with Sue Henley, Kate Mulgrew’s stand-in during Star Trek: Voyager. I asked her if she would consider sharing with the Totally Kate Website any memories she has of Kate during the time they worked together.  Here is her response:

“Here’s something that is indelibly stamped on my memory, more special than funny, I'll remember some funny ones later :

It was during the pilot of Voyager.  I had sort of forced my way in from DS 9 when I heard there was another show on the way.  I auditioned for the stand in for Genevieve (Bujold) but of course didn't get it.  Then I went on the set when I heard she was out and asked the AD (Arlene) if I could possibly be the stand in for the new lady, Kate Mulgrew (who I LOVED).   She said I could for a few weeks until the DP had a chance to audition people for the job.  So I worked for the first two weeks and Kate and I had an almost instant rapport.  Had a blast! 

However, when the pilot was over and the DP had a chance to breathe, he decided he was going to have the ADs call a bunch of ladies to stand next to Kate and he would interview them and he would choose Kate’s new stand in for the show.     I pulled Kate aside and just said that I possibly wouldn't be chosen, and I had enjoyed working with her, and goodbye if  I didn't get chosen.   The look on her face was priceless! 

"What Suzy? But you're my stand-in!" 

She grabbed me by the hand, marched me onto the set of the bridge where everyone was lighting and setting the shots.   She led me right over to Marvin the DP.

"Marvin, you know Suzy right? You've met Suzy?"


"Suzy's my stand in.  I really like her.  Okay?"


"Thanks Marvin."

You could've heard a pin drop on that soundstage I tell you!  Apparently Marvin was accustomed to always being the guy who chooses the stand ins.   Marvin and I eventually got along famously, but for months after that moment on the bridge, he gave me the hardest time!   I refused to quit though, because Kate had spoken up so I could keep that job and I was darned if I was going to let her down. 

She always inspired that kind of loyalty.  She always goes one more step than the average person would to help someone out.   She is just a class act all the way!"