David Janssen stars as an ambitious, driven public relations executive caught in a deadly intrigue, and Kate Mulgrew is his mistress, resentful of the secondary role she plays in his life, in "The Word". 

David Janssen & Kate Mulgrew
The eight-hour dramatization of Irving Wallace's best seller about the intrigue surrounding the discovery of an apparently ancient eyewitness account of the life of Christ was broadcast: 
Nov. 12 - Nov. 15, 1978

Eight hour mini-series (4 episodes - 2 hr. each)
8PM to 10 PM ET Sunday, Nov. 12, and  9PM to 11 PM ET Monday, Nov. 13, Tuesday Nov. 14 and Wednesday Nov. 15
CBS television network

A four-part miniseries, based on the novel by Irving Wallace, that follows the exploits of Steve Randall, a public relations executive and representative of a religious publisher. He seeks to discover if Resurrection Two, a top-secret project involving a new Bible based on the discovery of an ancient manuscript (said to be a lost gospel written by Jesus' brother and liable to change the course of Christianity) is authentic or a hoax. Kate plays Tony Nicholson, mistress of Steve Randall (David Jannsen), resentful of the secondary role she plays in his life.
Source: Television 1970-1980 by Vincent Terrace

David Janssen Steve Randall
James Whitmore George Wheeler
Florinda Bolkan Angela Monti
Eddie Albert Ogden Towery
Geraldine Chaplin Naomi Dunn
Hurd Hatfield Cedric Plummer
John Huston Nathan Randall
John McEnery Florian Knight
Diana Muldaur Claire Randall
Kate Mulgrew Tony Nicholson
Ron Moody LeBrun
Janice Rule Barbara Randall
Martha Scott Sarah Randall
Nicol Williamson Maertin de Vroome
David Ackroyd Tom Carey
Laura Betti Maria
Bo Brundin Heldering
Walter Gottell Hennig
Alexa Kenin Judy Randall
John Korkes Thad Crawford
Nehemiah Persoff Abbot Petropolous
Donald Moffat Henri Aubert
Alan Miller Dr. Oppenheim
Catherine Burns Lori Cook
Nicholas Coster Peter Ajemian
Lynn Farleigh Valerie Hughs
Roland Culver Dr. Jeffries
Herself Tessie O'Shea
John Van Dreeland Dr. Fass
Christopher Lloyd Hans Bogardus
Mario Scaccia Agusto Monti
Alexander Scourby Narrator