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Broadcast:  Wednesday, March 23, 1988
9:00 PM to 11:00 PM ET 

Drama: 2 hrs.
Debut: Drs. Joanne Springsteen, Eve Autry and Marilyn McGrath head the progressive Woman's Medical Arts, a practice that breathes new life into the doctor-patient relationship. In the opener, the doctors confront obstetric emergencies and the demands of their personal lives, while battling sexist colleagues. 

Guest Cast:
Cathryn - Joan Chen
Wendy Moran - Kathleen Wilhoite
Priscilla Gorshalk - Katherine Cannon

Note: The character of Marilyn McGrath is incorrectly identified as a doctor. The character was in fact a nurse-practitioner. The third doctor was Cory Banks. 

Where's Solomon When You Need Him?
Broadcast:  Wednesday, March 30, 1988
10:00 PM to 11:00 PM ET

Cory delivers a test-tube baby from a surrogate mother, who decides to fight to keep the child; Joanne and Eve disagree on whether Leo should join the staff; Paul decides it's time for a real relationship; and the staff faces an ethical dilemma when a blood donor tests positive for the AIDS virus. 

Guest Cast:
Priscilla - Katherine Cannon
Carolyn Petrie - Shanna Reed
Herb - Vincent Baggetta

Two Out of Six
Broadcast:  Wednesday, April 6, 1988
10:00 PM to 11:00 PM ET

An ailing woman pregnant with sextuplets may survive childbirth if four of the fetuses are aborted; Cory resuscitates an abandoned infant and then grows attached to the baby; Stan meets with his wife's lover; and Joanne is dreading a meeting with Leo's kids.

Guest Cast:
Lynn - Kathleen Lloyd
Dixon - Lou Beatty Jr.
Bobby - John Allen Nelson
Patty - Gina Hecht

Cory's Loss
Broadcast:  Wednesday, April 13, 1988
10:00 PM to 11:00 PM ET

A woman's newborn dies of SIDS and Cory's delivery methods are questioned; Joanne eases a woman's fear of menopause; Paul proposes "the M-word"; and Eve takes on the transformation of her overweight niece - with startling results. 

Guest Cast:
Dixon - Lou Beatty Jr.
Caroline - Shanna Reed
Tom - Marc Poppel

To Heal a Doctor
Broadcast: Wednesday, April 20, 1988
10:00 PM to 11:00 PM ET

The complexities of the dating game: Eve keeps disappearing into a room with Sam, the mystery man; Priscilla moves in with her lover, so Paul sets up a date for Stan; and Marilyn's daughter informs her that Marilyn's lover is unwelcome at her wedding.

Guest Cast:
Patty - Gina Hecht
Dixon - Lou Beatty Jr.
Caroline - Shanna Reed
Allison - Hallie Todd

The Wedding
Broadcast:  Thursday, April 21, 1988
10:00 PM to 11:00 PM ET

It's bumpy riding for the staff when Leo holds a conference for the parents of sleepless newborns; Eve faces a horde of insolent plastic surgeons with her concerns about undetectable breast cancer, then turns to Leo for comfort; Paul confronts impotence; and Marilyn finds reconciliation with her daughter tough going.

Guest Cast:
Priscilla - Catherine Cannon
Patty - Gina Hecht
Dixon - Lou Beatty Jr. 

Tuesday Previews - January 3, 1989

Heartbeat, a sophisticated, intelligent drama about a medical clinic that's owned and operated by women, returns for a second season that producer/writer Joe Viola (formely of  Cagney & Lacey) promises will consistently "address tough issues." Tonight, Joanne (Kate Mulgrew) wrestles with her conscience when she decides to fight an old friend's malpractice suit and Eve (Laura Johnson) is caught in a moral dilemma when she bristles at a prostitute's request for an abortion. 

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Paradise Lost
Broadcast:  Tuesday, Jan. 3, 1989
10:00 PM to 11:00 PM ET

Return: The Women's Medical Arts Clinic hangs out its shingle for a second season as Joanne (Kate Mulgrew) is caught in the middle when her friend's malpractice suit puts the clinic in financial jeopardy, while Eve and Cory (Laura Johnson, Lynn Whitfield) agree to take on a pro bono case. Leo: Ben Masters, Paul: Darrell Larson, Marilyn: Gail Strickland. 

Guest Cast
Frances Leonard - Terri Hanauer
Ruthie Willis - Leslie Ackerman
Nina Colson - Debra Sandlund
Claudette Garcia - Liz Torres

Thursday Previews-January 5, 1989

Heatbeat settles into its regular day and time with an absorbing episode about the staff's increasingly negative reaction to a visiting midwife (Georgann Johnson), who's accused of alienating the head honchos at Bay General - and stirring up professional jealousies at the clinic. The hour also introduces Carmen Argenziano as a droll, offbeat psychiatrist who wastes no time in antagonizing Eve. 

Bivouac Babies
Broadcast:  Thursday, Jan. 5, 1989
10:00 PM to 11:00 PM ET

Marilyn's midwife friend (Georgann Johnson) infringes on the practice, and Marilyn (Gail Strickland) begins to feel more like a put-upon nurse than a partner; a new doctor (Carmen Argenziano) makes a ratty impression on Eve (Laura Johnson); Leo (Ben Masters) takes to the bumper cars to bang out his problems with Joanne (Kate Mulgrew). Cory: Lynn Whitfield.

Additional Cast:
Lyle Freedlander - Allan Miller
Sam - Paul Mantee
Meg - Joey Jupiter
Dr. Brickman - Steve Susskind

Critical Overload 
Broadcast:  Thursday, Jan. 12, 1989
Rebroadcast: Thursday, March 2, 1989
10:00 PM to 11:00 PM ET

A construction accident at a grade school turns into a disaster drill as Joanne and Eve (Kate Mulgrew, Laura Johnson) crawl through the rubble to help a woman in labor. Leo: Ben Masters. Paul: Darrell Larson. Nathan: Carmen Argenziano. Cory: Lynn Whitfield.

Guest Cast
Ann Curd - Dey Young
Dr. George Burke - Alan Feinstein
Randy Bylczynski - Patrick Johnston
Jack Baldwin - Al Pugliese

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Broadcast:  Thursday, Jan. 19, 1989
10:00 PM to 11:00 PM ET

Stress: Cory (Lynn Whitfield) suffers panic attacks; Leo (Ben Masters) struggles with the decision to turn in a friend he suspects of child abuse; Nathan ( Carmen Argenziano) is asked for all the answers.  Joanne: Kate Mulgrew. Marilyn: Gail Strickland. Eve: Laura Johnson.

Guest Cast
Ted Hollinger - Richard Gilliland
Davey Hollinger - Tyger Sunshine-Hill
Valerie Jeffries - Jane Greer
Karen Marsh - Susan Seaforth Hayes
Dixon Banks - Robert Gossett

Baby, Maybe
Broadcast:  Thursday, Jan. 26, 1989
Rebroadcast: Thursday, April 6, 1989
10:00 PM to 11:00 PM ET

Eve (Laura Johnson) thinks about starting a family, while Cory and Dixon (Lynn Whitfield, Robert Gossett) debate stopping theirs; Joanne (Kate Mulgrew) treats the difficult pregnancy of a middle-aged woman; Leo (Ben Masters) samples a new relationship. 

Guest Cast
Samantha Flemming - Frances Lee McCain
Louise Patterson - Gail Youngs
Alex McCoy - Pamela Bowen
Cleo Flemming - Lauri Hendler
Seth Flemming - Jeff Bennett

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Broadcast:  Thursday, Feb. 2, 1989
10:00 PM to 11:00 PM ET

Paul (Darrell Larson) rattles the cages of the prison system in trying to get permission to treat an inmate; Eve (Laura Johnson) has a brush with crime; Joanne and Marilyn (Kate Mulgrew, Gail Strickland) push to get a nurse reinstated. Leo: Ben Masters.

Guest Cast
Lorraine Evans - Deborah Van Valkenburgh
Alma Weaver - Beverly Garland
Jane Glass - Leslie Neale
Patrick Garfield - Robert Manuel King
Nicky Rosetti - Michael Faustino

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South and a Little to the Right of Eden
Broadcast:  Thursday, Feb. 16, 1989
10:00 PM to 11:00 PM ET

Joanne and Nathan (Kate Mulgrew, Carmen Argenziano) clash over his prescription of shock treatments for a patient with severe post-partum depression; Marilyn (Gail Strickland) has an appendicitis attack; Leo and his brother (Ben Masters, Duncan Gamble) unearth some buried hostilities. Cory: Lynn Whitfield

Additional Cast
Mary Kazak - Lisa Waltz
Vince Kazak - Geoffrey Blake
Shirley Sherman - Barbara Deutsch
Patty - Gina Hecht

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Last Tango
Broadcast:  Thursday, Feb. 23, 1989
10:00 PM to 11:00 PM ET 

Joanne and Leo (Kate Mulgrew, Ben Masters) try to convince a distraught mother that her seriously ill baby should have the same open-heart surgery that resulted in the death of her other child; Eve (Laura Johnson) has a difficult time playing mom to her visiting teenage niece; Marilyn (Gail Strickland) receives signals from a flirtatious man. 

Guest Cast
Susan Freeman - Anne Curry
Donna Calvert - Amy Moore Davis
Peter Freeman - David Kagen
Charlie Warren - Sam Hennings
Bree Corman - Bibi Besch

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From Russia with Love 
Broadcast: Thursday, March 9, 1989
10:00 PM to 11:00 PM ET

Joanne (Kate Mulgrew) suspects a Soviet doctor (Victoria Fyodorova) is performing unnecessary hysterectomies; a patient (Renee Taylor) says she's cured herself using psychic powers. 

Additional Cast
Freedlander - Allan Miller
Nadel - Harvey Atkin
Katya - Dagmar Stanec
Yuri - Andrew Divoff 

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Gestalt and Battery 
Broadcast: Thursday, March 16, 1989
10:00 PM to 11:00 PM ET

Cory (Lynn Whitfield) goes out on a limb when she accuses a hospital administrator of beating his pregnant wife (Angela Bassett); Joanne (Kate Mulgrew) finally comes face to face with Leo's ex; and Eve (Laura Johnson)  may be under the wrong impression when she thinks she's found Mr. Right. 

Additional Cast
Beverly Rosetti - Julie Cobb
James Thompson - John O'Hurley
Ruth Grant - Mary Jackson

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Confidentially Yours 
Broadcast: Thursday, March 23, 1989
10:00 PM to 11:00 PM ET

Joanne's pregnant and can't decide whom to tell; Eve (Laura Johnson) keeps her own secret as she's considered for a position with a prestigious practice; Marilyn (Gail Strickland) helps a dying friend put her affairs in order; accomodating Alice (Julie Ronnie) reaches the end of her rope. Joanne: Kate Mulgrew.

Guest Cast
Claire Staggs - Samantha Eggar
Patty Collier - Gina Hecht
Virgil Banks - Gilbert Lewis
Olivia - Ketty Lester
Dr. Eldrich - Mark La Mura 

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What the Inspector Saw
Broadcast: Thursday, March 30, 1989
10:00 PM to 11:00 PM ET

While the doctors anxiously await a visit from an insurance inspector, Cory (Lynn Whitfield) does a little detective work when a cop comes to her with undiagnosed pain; Joanne (Kate Mulgrew) dreads her inevitable surprise birthday party; Paul (Darrell Larson) feels the bite when he falls behind in paying a loan shark. Leo: Ben Masters. Eve: Laura Johnson.

Guest Cast
Judy Pellman - Lee Garlington
Adam Warnick - John Matuszak
Gloria Miles - Susan Krebs
Mailman - Tom Tarpey
Policeman - Scott Layne