Jamie's Report from Love, Loss and What I Wore

Aug 5th & 6th, 2010

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Kate & Jamie

Adriane Lenox & Jamie

Allison Mack & Jamie

Kristine Nielsen & Jamie

Kate & Jamie
I saw Love, Loss, and What I Wore on both Thursday, August 5th and Friday August 6th.  The first evening was planned, I got the tickets as soon as it was announced on Totally Kate and dragged my theatre buddy who cheerfully endured all my Kate Enthusiasm!  I loved it so much that I bought tickets for the second evening the next day and took my mom as I knew she would love it.  Well, I won't go into detail about the specifics of the play because Chris did such a great job of it in her report that I don't want to reiterate.  I'll just tell you a bit about my experience on the whole and what happened at the Stage Door.

First, as Chris stated in her report, the theatre is so small and intimate that no matter where you sit you are pretty darn close.  I happened to be in the same seats both nights (funny right?) 3rd row center, directly in front of Kate.  I can't even describe how excited I was to be a few feet from her for 100 minutes, as she has been my personal hero since I was 9 years old watching her on Ryan's Hope.  I saw her in Equus, but this experience was truly unique in that the setting was so intimate and I was so close that I had to remind myself to breathe and not to stare just at her, but to actually pay attention to the other cast members when they were speaking as well. To be seeing her live and up close after watching her all of these years was surreal!  She is so expressive.  Seeing all of the Kate faces, like when she laughs and puts her hand up to the bridge of her nose...you all know what I mean, was thrilling! 

The play was serious at times, funny at times and truly poignant.  One Scene entitled "I Hate My Purse"  was so funny and wonderfully done by Kristine Nielsen that Kate and the other cast members were laughing hysterically at her antics.  Adriane Lenox actually had a tissue out to wipe the tears coming from her eyes.  As Chris said, Kate had a lot of funny lines and the audience laughed wildly. I found myself looking around the theatre to see if I could discern the Kate Fans.  We should all wear name tags or some color or something so we know who we are! 

The Stage Door...It was with some trepidation that I waited at the stage door.  I am not a wait at the stage door type of person.  I've never been to a convention or asked anyone for an autograph, it's just not me.  Plus, meeting the object of ones admiration is somewhat terrifying.  What if she's not nice?  What if she doesn't stop?  I should just leave her in my mind where she's lived all of these years.  I very nearly talked myself out of it.  And then I ended up doing it twice! 

On the first night I was very surprised and delighted to find that no one else was waiting.  She was the first one out along with Kristine Nielsen.  She changed from the black dress you see in the LLAWIW pictures to a red dress, flats and her hair was now tied back in a pony tail the way she usually wears it.  She looked stunning!  I called out to her, whipped out my sharpie and she signed my playbill. She said "You were such a great audience tonight."  I then asked her if she would take a few pictures.  Now, I cannot tell you how this pained me, I somehow left the flash off!  I was so ridiculously nervous and after all of that effort I didn't even have a distinguishable picture.  I couldn't live with that, so I bought tickets the next day and back I went with my mom in tow.  I really could have just waited at the stage door again, but the show was so good I wanted to see it again and maybe this time breathe and take it all in! 

The second night, Kate came out last.  So I said hello to the other members of the cast who came out one by one.  I was very impressed by their warm greetings.  I told Allison Mack how much I enjoyed the play and that it was my second night in a row and she literally grabbed me, hugged me and thanked me.  She was so sweet!  Now this time, there was another group of women waiting right beside me to greet Kate.  When she came out, again with Kristine Nielsen (seems like they're good friends), she was wearing a black dress, hair down just as in the play and black short boots.  She looks a lot younger than 55, let me tell you, she is gorgeous!   I said something like "Kate...I was here last night."  She looked at me smiled and replied "I remember."  Then I told her that I enjoyed the play so much that I brought my mom back tonight to see it and I told her that last night's pictures didn't come out.  With that she turned to my mother and said "That's so wonderful, you took your mother, let's take another picture then"  and she put one arm around my mom and the other around me to take another picture.  You'll notice from the pictures, that she kept moving before the picture actually flashed, due to the delay on the camera.   I had to make her re-try about 3 times, I wanted to die!  She was also laughing and commenting to my husband & daughter who came to pick us up and the women waiting right beside us. I said to her "look for these pics on Totally Kate, sending them to Totally Kate."  Now I really wanted to tell her how much I admired her and it took all of my gumption to say something like, "I have adored you since you were on Ryan's Hope...inspiration...blah blah...I don't even know quite what else I said.  That seemed to give her pause, although I'm sure she hears it all of the time, and she turned to me and said in a thoughtful tone  "Wow...really?  That long? That's great thank you so much."  I then said goodbye and told her that I was looking forward to seeing her in Antony & Cleopatra and she said "You're coming?  Wonderful!  Thank you for coming out again tonight"  and she turned to give her attention to the other ladies waiting.   After she spoke to the other ladies for few minutes & took some pics with them, she turned to Kristine Nielsen, who was waiting for her, and they walked down 43rd St. together, just as they did the night before.   Note that this entire time, Krisine Nielsen was standing there waiting for Kate with an amused look on her face.  I could only imagine what their conversation was like as they walked together down that block!! 

Wow, this report is a lot longer than I intended and I tried to omit the superfluous.  So,  I'll conclude by saying that as a native New Yorker and a theatre buff , I have seen a great many shows and Love, Loss and What I Wore is definitely my favorite!  Watching Kate perform live in such an intimate setting and getting to meet and talk with her, even if just for a moment or two, was a great thrill and something I will never forget!  She didn't disappoint; she is talented, beautiful, warm and gracious!  I hope whoever reads this enjoys it as much as I have enjoyed the reports of so many of you!   It's been a pleasure and a privilege getting to know so many Kate fans! 

Thanks, Jamie

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