Ladies of the Afternoon
Broadcast: Thursday - Oct. 18, 1979
Although the police think he's guilty, a husband pleads innocent to the murder of his wife, and Kate begins her second season of amateur sleuthing by believing him  - and theorizing that the killing is linked to a prostitution ring involving housewives. 
Directed by: Don Medford
Teleplay by: Lawrence Hertzog
Story by: Larry Alexander
Guest Stars
Dee Wallace as Janet Rutledge
John Aprea as Phil Stoppard
Tom Stechschulte as Mark Rutledge
Ted Danson as Richard Dellinger
Howard Witt
Robert Deero as Herb Allen
Charles Thomas Murphy as Ed Johnson
Deborah Shelton as Ina Dellinger
Michael Fairman as Lieutenant
Drew Snyder as Cop
Robert Hardy - Stuart
Woody Skaggs - Coroner
Shannon Eubanks - Waitress
Terrence O'Hara - Man in Box
Patrick Waddell - Man in Van
NBC could not decide on the title of this show. 
Title in ad is "Kate Loves A Mystery". Title in TV Guide listing is "Kate The Detective". 
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It Goes With The Territory
Broadcast: Thursday - Oct. 25, 1979
Kate picks ups where a murdered journalist left off in a probe of underworld dealings at a country club frequented by politicians. 
Directed by: Leo Penn
Written by: Merwin Gerard
Guest Stars
Robin Clarke as Walter Selvig
Peter Donat
Yuki Shimoda as Soong
Peter MacLean
Special Guest Star
Bibi Besch as Eileen Chambers

Robert Gray as Harris
Robert Hardy - Stuart
Frank Downing - Guard
Christopher Canaan - Bartender
Timothy O'Hagan - Matre'd
Linda Fontana - Diane Wallace

Title in both the ad and TV Guide listing is "Kate The Detective". 

Off The Record
Broadcast: Thursday - Nov. 1, 1979
 Kate investigates a double murder - and lands in jail when she refuses to divulge the name of a confidential source to the district attorney. 
Directed by: Reza S. Badivi
Teleplay by: Simon Muntner
Story by: Chris Bunch & Alan Cole
Guest Stars
Lynn Carlin as Sheree
Michael Durrell as Fisher
Edward Grover as Liggett
Paul Jenkins as Boyle
Allan Miller as Cooley

Trivia: It's never specifically mentioned that the character of Kate Columbo/Callahan has gotten a divorce from Det. Columbo but in the beginning of this episode Kate is asked about her new last name of Callahan and she says, "For sixty-two dollars and fifty cents I went to court and got my maiden name back". 

John Zenda as Carl
Drew Snyder as Detective
Cletus Young as Dealer
Fred J. Gordon as Farrell
Fredric Franklyn as Harold Orr
Ross Borden as Salesman
Lev Mailer - Stan Hirsh
Archie Lang - Jim Foster
Michael Stipanich - Benson
John Petlock - Edward Franklin
Pete Leal - Photographer
Len Lawson - Mr. Bishop
Alma Beltran - Desk Officer
JoElla Deffenbaugh - 1st Prisoner
Phyliss Applegate - 2nd Prisoner
Carol Carrington-McGrath - Marshall
Title in both the ad and TV Guide listing is "Kate Loves A Mystery". NBC seems to have finally settled on a title since the rest of the episodes are listed as "Kate Loves A Mystery". 

The Valley Strangler
Broadcast: Thursday - Nov. 8, 1979
Kate investigates a series of stranglings apparently committed by a psychotic. 
Directed by: Sigmund Neufeld, Jr.
Teleplay by: Lawrence Hertzog
Story by: Will Lorin

Guest Stars Alphabetically
Ivor Francis 
Joseph Hindy as Dr. Marco
Andrew Robinson as Mitchell
Van Williams as Fielding

Carmen Zapata as Landlady
Lee Wallace as Lt. Rankin
John Dullaghan as Officer
Lewis Arquette as Howard
Michael Mazes as Doug Telford
Kate Riehl as Mrs. Winston
Ken Lerner as Ivan
Augie Tribach - Steven Agajanian
MP Murphy - District Attorney
Lisa Pesha - Cathy
Larry McCormick - TV Newsman
Leann Hunley - Judy
Robert Hardy - Stewart
Beau Billingslea - Reporter

A Chilling Surprise
Broadcast: Thursday - Nov. 22, 1979
A restaurateur is apparently poisoned - then his body disappears. 
Directed by: Phillip Leacock
Written by: E. Arthur Kean
Guest Stars in Alphabetical Order
Armand Assante as Freddie Faust
Ahna Capri as Dorsie Hall
Nicolas Coster as Zev Arno
Jess Walton as Judy Arno
Ron Recasner as Barlow
Mary Gregory as Mrs. Balcon
William Bronder as Gandy
Daniel Knapp as Oscar Riddle
Drew Snyder as Randy Willard
Robert Hardy - Stuart
Loanne Bishop - Young Women
Harry Cannon - Man
Gene Whittington - Brewster

Falling Star
Broadcast: Thursday - Nov. 29, 1979
Kate's enthusiasm for a Congressional candidate wanes when she learns that he was once a crooked lawyer who has recently murdered his accomplice.
Directed by: Sam Wanamaker
Teleplay by: Lawrence Hertzog & Merwin Gerard and Robert McKee & Robert Misiorowski
Story by:  Robert McKee & Robert Misiorowski
Guest Starring in Alphabetical Order
Sharon Farrell as Dorothy Hunt
Lorry Goldman as Frank Hargrove
Peter Hobbs
Floyd Levine
Joanne Linville as Paula
David Rasche as William Gardner
Dick Balduzzi as Mac
Robert Lussier as Clerk
Ceil Cabot - Mrs. Barrish
Elizabeth Eis - Mother
Susan Tanner - V.O.W. Lady
David Starwalt - Telephone Man

Feelings Can Be Murder
Broadcast: Thursday - Dec. 6, 1979
Kate probes the murder of an encounter-group member who seems to have been done in by her psychologist. 
Directed by: Seymour Robbie
Written by: Mary Anne Kasica & Michael Scheff
Guest Stars Alphabetically
Rene Auberjonois as Bradlee
Dick Gautier
Kathleen Lloyd as Elaine
Rudy Solari as Peter Kano
Shannon Wilcox as Claire
Diane Shalet as Sue Quinlan
Carol Williard as Leila Wilson
Ron Max as Bill Quinlan
Sean Griffin as Casey
Guy Boyd as Gary Markell
William Beckley as Mr. Woodman
Betty Harford - Secretary
Blake Marion - Cooper

Love, On Instant Reply
Broadcast: unknown*
Directed by: Alan Smithee
Written by: Joe Gores

*If anyone has broadcast information on this episode please e-mail me

Guest Stars in Alphabetical Order
Walter Brooke
Zitto Kazann
John Lehne
Cameron Mitchell
Jenny O'Hara
Lara Parker

Series Information
Mrs. Columbo
Kate Loves A Mystery
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