Word Games
2 hour pilot movie 
Broadcast: Monday -  Feb. 26, 1979
Rebroadcast: Thursday - Aug. 9, 1979
Kate Mulgrew is Kate Columbo, wife of the rumpled police lieutenant and - in her own right - a mother, homemaker and reporter for a neighborhood throwaway. In this week's opener, she also demonstrates a knack for investigation after she overhears a neighbor plotting the murder of his wife.
Directed by: Boris Sagal
Written by: Richard Alan Simmons

Guest Stars
Robert Culp as Charles Houston
Edie Adams as Joanne Houston
Rene Auberjonois as Monsieur Gerard
Priscilla Pointer as Mrs. Prior
Bob Dishy as Sergeant Norris
Frederic Forrest as Martin

Barney Martin as Dr. Prinz
Christopher Allport as Telephone Man
Herb Armstrong as the Gardener
Neil Flanagan - Mailman
Susan Connors - Dr. Prinz's Assistant
Miriam Nelson - Ballet Instructor
Michael Boyle - 1st Guest
Ben Gerard - Party Host
Walt Davis - 2nd Guest
Variety Review

Murder Is A Parlor Game
Broadcast: Thursday - March 1, 1979
Rebroadcast: Thursday - Aug. 30, 1979
An apparent suicide is actually the handiwork of a retired Scotland Yard investigator who is teaching a course that Mrs. Columbo is taking.

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Directed by: Don Medford
Teleplay - Sheldon Willens & Al Reynolds 
& Howard Berk
Story by: Sheldon Willens
Guest Stars:
Donald Pleasence as I.A. Morly
Elizabeth Cole as Emily
Dolph Sweet as Sergeant Boone
Ian Abercrombie as Carmichael

Joe Baker as Merlini
Don Potter as Archie Welborn

A Riddle For Puppets
Broadcast: Thursday - March 15, 1979
Postponed from March 8, 1979 
Rebroadcast: Thursday - Aug. 23, 1979
A puppet maker is murdered by a tormented ventriloquist who acted at the urging of his "evil" dummy. 

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Directed by: Edward Abroms
Written by: Gregory S. Dinallo

Guest Stars:
Jay Johnson as Noel Abbott
Michael Durrell as Sergeant Caplan
Al Ruscio as Victor March
Erica Yohn as Aunt Lucy

Helena Carroll as Nora Phelps
Nancy Jeris as Nurse
David Himes as Knapp
Tom Scott - Officer Morrison
Barbara Mallory - Nun

Cavier With Everything
Broadcast: Thursday - March 22, 1979
Two women own a catering firm. Both love the same man. To one, the solution is obvious: murder. 

This episode included on the DVD set "Columbo - The Fifth Season" - Order from

Directed by: Don Medford
Written by: Al Reynolds & Howard Berk

Guest Stars
Claudette Nevins as Sybil
Trisha Noble as Patty

Special Guest Star
Sam Groom as Richard

Jack Knight as CHP Sergeant Grady
Phillis Flax as Mrs. Fischetti
JOMC Donnell - Eileen
Carolyn Calcote - Woman

A Puzzle For Prophets
Broadcast: Thursday - March 29, 1979
Rebroadcast:  Thursday  - Sept. 6, 1979
A famous psychic engineers the murder of her business partner and appears to have an airtight alibi - she was demonstrating her "powers" to Mrs. Columbo at the time of death. 
Directed by: Sam Wanamaker
Written by: Al Reynolds

Guest Stars
Francine Tacker as Sister Janice
Cindy Grover as Eve
Joseph Ruskin as Sid Russell
Michael Durrell

Lee Wallace as Pediatrician
Alice Frost as Apt. Manager
Anne Newman - Mantee as Mrs. Canfield
Richard Altman as Medical Examiner

Series Information
Mrs. Columbo
Kate Loves A Mystery
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