Live With Regis and Kathie Lee
March 18, 1997

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 Michael Nouri Interview

REGIS PHILBIN:  Kate Mulgrew pitch hitting for Kathie Lee today.  Now, Kate have you seen --- I know you go to Broadway shows when you get into New York --- have you seen Victor Victoria?

KATE MULGREW: You know... (looks off-stage)

REGIS PHILBIN: No?  Yes?  Have you seen ---

KATE MULGREW:  I have not and I'm listening to the camera because it's making an extraordinary sound.  I have not seen it yet, no.  Most regrettably because I understand that this man is superb.

REGIS PHILBIN:  He's great.  He's been in there for two years playing one of the leads, the witty gangster, King Marchan.  Victor Victoria's been a big hit on Broadway for a couple of years now and Raquel Welch is coming in soon to uh---spell-- umm--- the Julie--- ummóJulie-- umm---

AUDIENCE:  Andrews.

REGIS PHILBIN:  Julie Andrews.

KATE MULGREW:  I mean folks it's getting a little (makes face) you know what I mean.

REGIS PHILBIN: You know what happened?  My wife started taping her own show, Haven, this week and she gets up very early in the morning because there's an early call on that show.  On this show if you show up at five 'til nine you're ahead of the game.  So I'm getting up earlier than I usually do and I'm not sleeping the way I ---

KATE MULGREW:  Well, I didn't sleep a wink last night.

REGIS PHILBIN:  Well I bet you were thinking about me, right?

KATE MULGREW:  All night.

REGIS PHILBIN:  You were concerned about this whole thing.

KATE MULGREW:  Not a wink.

REGIS PHILBIN:  Anyway, here he is, a terrific actor, Michael Nouri everybody. (shakes hands with  Michael Nouri)  How are you?  Kate Mulgrew.  (Michael Nouri shakes hands with Kate and sits down.)

MICHAEL NOURI:  Good to see you.

REGIS PHILBIN:   (points to Michael Nouri's shirt) What is this, the Hop Sing hour?  What's going on here?  That oriental---

KATE MULGREW:  I think it's splendid.

MICHAEL NOURI:  Thank you, thank you.

REGIS PHILBIN:  It takes a guy like Michael Nouri to wear that.  Now if I walked out in that everybody would say---

KATE MULGREW:  Well, first of all, you're very big.  How tall are you?


KATE MULGREW:  Ah, that's wonderful.

(audience laughs, Kate hides face behind card)

REGIS PHILBIN:  What's so wonderful about being 6'3"?

(Michael Nouri and Regis stand side by side)

REGIS PHILBIN:  What's so wonderful about being 6'3".  What is this mythical edge tall men have over average and short men?

KATE MULGREW:  Mythical?


KATE MULGREW:  Mythical?

REGIS PHILBIN:  Yes, mythical.  In my eyes, mythical, in your eyes the real thing. You're not married are you, Michael?

MICHAEL NOURI:  Not at the moment.

KATE MULGREW:  You're not?

REGIS PHILBIN:  (to Kate) Are you married?

KATE MULGREW:  How many....have you been?

MICHAEL NOURI:  Yes, I have.

REGIS PHILBIN:  I guess he answered that question.

MICHAEL NOURI:  Are you, Kate?

KATE MULGREW:  Am I married?


KATE MULGREW:  Not at the moment.

MICHAEL NOURI:  Where is your wife?

REGIS PHILBIN:  Am I married?  She's doing Haven right now.  But anyway, so here are two beautiful people.  Look.  Two gorgeous...

MICHAEL NOURI:  Thank you, we've known each other; we met a long time ago...

KATE MULGREW:  For some time.

REGIS PHILBIN:  On a soap opera or ---

KATE MULGREW:  You're doing so well.  Are you enjoying this---

MICHAEL NOURI:  Thank you very much.

KATE MULGREW:   --- Victor Victoria.

MICHAEL NOURI:  Victor Victoria is great.


MICHAEL NOURI:  Yeah.  How do you guys get up so early and do this?

KATE MULGREW:  He has to do it all the time.

MICHAEL NOURI:  Have to get used to this, but the show is great.

REGIS PHILBIN:  Where did you meet years ago?

KATE MULGREW:  It was something about daytime television.


KATE MULGREW:  Originally.

REGIS PHILBIN:  Ryan's Hope?

MICHAEL NOURI:  No it wasn't Ryan's Hope.

KATE MULGREW:  No, he had his and I had my own.

MICHAEL NOURI:  I was doing Search for Tomorrow.

REGIS PHILBIN:  So, how could you meet?  You were in one show, she was in another.

KATE MULGREW:  Wait a minute, Michael---

REGIS PHILBIN:  Did you date once?

KATE MULGREW:  No, we never dated, but it was a small circle.  We knew each other. Everybody knew each other.

REGIS PHILBIN:  You don't want to talk about it now, right?

MICHAEL NOURI:  No.  I don't.

REGIS PHILBIN:  Let's have coffee after the show, I want to hear about it.

KATE MULGREW:  Can I ask you this question, because I am curious about this. You've been on the stage for two years.  How do you find it verses your series work?

MICHAEL NOURI:  My serious work?

KATE MULGREW:  Your series work.

MICHAEL NOURI:  Oh, my series work.

KATE MULGREW:  Television.  Would I be that --- could you imagine?  The rudest creature; I'm not at all.

MICHAEL NOURI:  There's nothing like going out and having an audience there.  When you think you can't do it any more, the audience pulls you through it.

REGIS PHILBIN:  He loves it.  He loves it.

MICHAEL NOURI:  Thank you.


MICHAEL NOURI:  I can answer for myself.

KATE MULGREW:  Does it lift you up?

MICHAEL NOURI:  I love it.  I love it.

KATE MULGREW:  It's hard for two years?

MICHAEL NOURI:  (to Regis) You want to sit over here?

KATE MULGREW:  Yeah, you're kind of in the---

REGIS PHILBIN:  I think there's a little bit of sizzling here.  Honestly, I can feel it.  The ions are flying back and forth.

KATE MULGREW:  Ions!  Ions!  He got nebula and now he's got ions.  Good.

REGIS PHILBIN:  There's a lot of electricity here, Michael.  You notice this woman stimulates you.

MICHAEL NOURI:  She's beautiful.

KATE MULGREW:  Thank you.

MICHAEL NOURI:  You are beautiful.

KATE MULGREW:  Thank you.

REGIS PHILBIN:  All right!  She's beautiful.  We're going to take a break and calm down.  We have to get over this.

(After commercial break Regis and Michael have switched seats; Michael has his arm around Kate, she has her head on his shoulder.)

REGIS PHILBIN:  They're making a joke out of it, but I'm telling you right now, there is a very serious development going on in their lives.

KATE MULGREW:  We're kind of making a joke?

REGIS PHILBIN:  Are you prepared --- not to change the mood here but, Raquel Welch is coming to town.  Is she going to fit into that costume?

KATE MULGREW:  You're mean.

MICHAEL NOURI:  Been a lot of applicants for the position of fitting her wardrobe. They've created a union.

REGIS PHILBIN:  Is it tough on the rest of the cast when somebody new comes into the pivotal role like that?

MICHAEL NOURI:  Well, only in the sense that we have to rehearse to break the new person in.

KATE MULGREW:  And you resent that?

MICHAEL NOURI:  Yes, absolutely.  But the real pressure comes from pretending you don't resent it.

KATE MULGREW:  Oh, awful, isn't it?  'Hi Raquel...'

REGIS PHILBIN:  You haven't had a break in a couple of years, now...

MICHAEL NOURI:  It's been about a year and a half now since a break and I'm going to take holiday in five days.

REGIS PHILBIN:  Really, in five days?  Where are you going?

MICHAEL NOURI:  The Caribbean.

REGIS PHILBIN:  Ooooo.  (to Kate)  Would you like to---

KATE MULGREW:  And I know where.

MICHAEL NOURI:  She does know where.

REGIS PHILBIN:  Because I know you are on hiatus too.

KATE MULGREW:  I happen to be.  This is pretty remarkable.  Serendipity.

MICHAEL NOURI:  We're going to travel to a nebula together.

REGIS PHILBIN:  You two kids look good together.

KATE MULGREW:  We do?  What do you think the age difference is here, Regis?

REGIS PHILBIN:  A couple of months.  No, not really, I'd say no more than seven years.

MICHAEL NOURI:  That's close.

KATE MULGREW:  Regis, you could try that again.

REGIS PHILBIN:  Why would you ask that?  See, height and age is important to you.

KATE MULGREW:  It is important.

MICHAEL NOURI:  We were talking about our ages and how long we've known each other.

REGIS PHILBIN:  Yeah, well, ever since she met Richard Burton...

KATE MULGREW:  I've been very young, yes.

REGIS PHILBIN:  You know out in Hollywood, I think on Melrose Avenue, right off La Brea, fairly close to Pink's hot stand---

KATE MULGREW:  I love Pink's hotdogs.

REGIS PHILBIN:  You know what I'm talking about, here?  There's an Italian restaurant and I used to do my own Richard Burton impersonation.  Now I don't want to send chills down your spine---


REGIS PHILBIN:   ---but every time I would pass this restaurant and it is an Italian dish, I would give it my Richard Burton impersonation of this dish.

MICHAEL NOURI:  Go for it.

REGIS PHILBIN:  Fettuccini.

MICHAEL NOURI:  That's not Richard Burton.

KATE MULGREW:  No.  Now Mr. Nouri is going to do a Richard Burton impersonation.

MICHAEL NOURI:  Bring me a cookie.

(audience applauds)

REGIS PHILBIN:  Very good, Michael.

MICHAEL NOURI:  Katherine---

KATE MULGREW:  No, Katerina he used to call me by.

MICHAEL NOURI:  Katerina, sit on my knee.  Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this sun of York.  Fettuccini.

REGIS PHILBIN:  Fettuccinni.

MICHAEL NOURI:  Fettuccini.

REGIS PHILBIN:  Michael is here to talk about the ninth annual spring walk that goes on around the country.

MICHAEL NOURI:  Yes, it's that time of year and in April around the country thousands of people get together and do the walk-a-thon for the multiple sclerosis society and it's a wonderful cause and I can't emphasize what a difference your turning out for this great walk makes.  It generates dollars that can translate into actually finding a cure.  I mean, when you ask yourself what difference could it make, my showing up or my donating a dollar.  It can make the difference to finding the breakthrough or not and the society has made such significant breakthroughs---

KATE MULGREW:  They've really helped MS, have they not?

MICHAEL NOURI:  They have, yes.  Tangible differences.  I have a loved one who was stricken with MS about ten years ago and that's how I got involved with it, and I just enlist help whenever I can.

REGIS PHILBIN:  And it takes place April 12th and 13th here---

MICHAEL NOURI:  In the New York area and around the country for the whole month of April and it's a great time of year to walk.

REGIS PHILBIN:  Absolutely.

MICHAEL NOURI:  And it's good exercise and doing something really wonderful.

REGIS PHILBIN:  Michael, thank you very, very much---

KATE MULGREW:  He's not leaving is he?

MICHAEL NOURI:  I'll stay.

KATE MULGREW:  He's staying.

REGIS PHILBIN:  He wants to stay.


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